VFX Exclusive: CricketPang Kindergarten App amasses 60K downloads in 30 days; soon available on a major OTT service in India -

Exclusive: CricketPang Kindergarten App amasses 60K downloads in 30 days; soon available on a major OTT service in India

CricketPang Kindergarten App

South Korea based animation and educational content production company, YOU NEED CHARACTER launched CricketPang Kindergarten App, which has recently crossed a milestone of 60,000 downloads in India within a month of its launch. 

The app that utilises the characters from the animated series to be aired next month, CricketPang, features education content created by experts specialising in educational content for children and curated from kindergarten curriculums. This phenomenal achievement within such a short span confirms the demand for such services and a need to start expanding the platform.

Minsu Song showcasing the animated IP

Commenting on the app, YOU NEED CHARACTER president Minsu Song told AnimationXpress, “We’re elated with the response. It was most downloaded from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. CricketPang Kindergarten App is an educational app for kindergarten children that uses the characters of the IP. We have created content that is easy and interesting for kids to enjoy learning. The app was developed by our partner in Korea, but the content has been [carefully] made by us. This app will help children stay home by keeping them concentrated longer on our educational and entertaining content.”

The app is presently available on Google and Apple app Store and was introduced to the Indian market lately. The app is expected to set a new education trend where children can learn while playing. The app has a bright and attractive interface which is sure to attract kids and parents alike. The content of the app is composed of educational subjects combined with videos that will attract children’s attention spanning across different categories like Numbers, Shapes, Art, Language, Animal and more. The app can be used by young children of different ages, and the content is expected to keep them hooked by combining character animation with the education materials fit for kindergarteners.

Industry experts and business watchers expect that the CricketPang Kindergarten App and the animated series, which will be aired on TV as well as on a major OTT platform (whose name is yet to be officially announced) next month, will do well in India.

Song revealed to us, “Currently, in India, we have agreed to start airing CricketPang with a big name in the OTT industry. The agreement with another platform too has been agreed upon, but the signed copy has not been delivered yet. The internal process is taking some time. We have also contracted with OTT services in the US, Sweden, and Mexico.”

Established in 2017 by Song, YOU NEED CHARACTER has been built on the experience he gathered in the animation business for the last 15 years. The company is foraying into markets worldwide with a variety of content for children’s education, composed of different themes and creative ideas. 

Further commenting on the expansion of the IP and the app, Song added, “We plan to expand the CricketPang Kindergarten App business along with broadcasting the CricketPang animated content by continuously creating and updating children’s educational content using the IP, and expanding the mobile kindergarten platform.”