VFX CBeebies presents 'Swashbuckle', and animated series 'Dog Loves Books' -

CBeebies presents ‘Swashbuckle’, and animated series ‘Dog Loves Books’

Are your kid’s big fans of pirate games, pets and reading booksLearning has never been so much fun than with CBeebies this September! CBeebies, children’s channel from BBC Studios, brings to you its BAFTA-winning pirate game series, Swashbuckle, and pre-school animated series, Dog Loves Books.

Programme highlights of September 2020:

Swashbuckle Series 1

Live Action | Episodes: 26 x 22’

This engaging pirate game show features four young Swashbucklers, competing in a series of physical games against the “naughty pirates” led by Captain Sinker and her hapless shipmates Cook and Line, under the watchful eye of Gem and her parrot Squawk. On board the ‘Scarlet Squid’ they work as a team to overcome challenges and to win back stolen jewels. After two games, any remaining jewels are hunted against the clock as the children try to find them hidden within the shipwreck. If the children successfully retrieve all of the jewels then a wheel is spun to determine which of the three pirates must walk the plank into the gunge-filled Ship’s Mess – much to the enjoyment of the.

Swashbuckle Series 3

Live Action | Episodes: 26 x 25’

All aboard for fun and excitement with the return of the Bafta-winning pirate game show. Each episode of the children’s entertainment show sees four young Swashbucklers compete in a series of

physical games against the “naughty pirates” led by Captain Sinker and her hapless shipmates Cook and Line. Under the watchful eye of Gem and her parrot Squawk, the Swashbucklers team up to get through a number of challenges on the Scarlet Squid to try and win back stolen jewels. And if all goes to plan, they get to see one of the pirates walk the plank into the gunge-filled Ship’s Mess! Series 4 has been commissioned.

Swashbuckel Series 3 premiered on 7 September 2020.

Swashbuckling Fun Facts: 

  • It’s a game show with a twist! Swashbuckle combines the idea of children’s role-play with traditional obstacle course challenges such as Total Wipeout.  
  • It is the CBeebies’ first ever children’s game show format, set on a giant 3-storey soft-play pirate shipwreck. Each episode, a new team of 4 children come on board to take part in large-scale physical games. 
  • In addition to important moral lessons, the games seen on the show are specially designed to target child physical development goals also inculcated in school: co-ordination, balance, speed, aim, teamwork. Children can learn from watching their peers on-screen, and can replicate their favourite games in their own ways after the show. 
  • Swashbuckle won a BAFTA Award for Best Children’s Entertainment Show in 2015.

Dog Loves Books Set 2

Animation | Episodes: 26 x 7’

A pre-school animated series based on the award-winning book by Louise Yates. Introducing a sweet, funny double act of bold adventurers. Dog is a dog of few words. Pug is a dog of many words.

Together they form a delightful duo who like nothing better than getting into a good book. When Dog shuts his bookshop for the day, he picks a book from the shelves and then he and Pug are off on an exciting adventure. Anyone or anything could be waiting in these stories, with a problem for our heroes to solve. It’s amazing what you can learn from a book.

Dog Loves Books Set 2 premieres on 11 September 2020.

Dog Loves Books Fun Facts:

The show is adapted from Louise Yates’ charming children’s book of the same name. Dog loves books so much so that he opens his own bookstore. His adventures into the worlds of the books themselves ensure he always knows exactly what to recommend to all his customers. The book was a New York Times Bestseller, and won the 2010 Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the USA’s Parent’s Choice Awards. It has also been adapted into a separate stage musical.

The TV show aims to encourage a lifelong appreciation of reading and storytelling among children aged four to six.

The cast for the show includes, John Thomson – Dog. John is an English comedian and actor best known for his roles in Coronation Street, The Fast Show and Cold Feet. Other programmes he has voiced for include the cartoon film Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Obsessive Compulsive Country House Cleaners and Bargain Shop Wars.

Craig Cash – Pug. Cash is an English comedian, actor, director and BAFTA award-winning writer and producer. He is best known for his work in The Royle Show, The Fast Show and Afterhours. In 2000 and 2007, he won Best Scripted Comedy at the BAFTA Academy Awards for his work in The Royle Show.