VES to host VFX maverick Ken Ralston for the upcoming episode of VFX pros: Home Edition

6 days ago
Visual Effects Society Names Acclaimed Visual Effects Pioneer Ken Ralston  Recipient of VES Lifetime Achievement Award | SHOOTonline We often launch discussions and talks around the evolution of effects industry. VFX industry has seen a massive paradigm shift over the past decade. It is important to celebrate the ones who have driven these catalytic changes in the way images are produced. VES’s society’s VFX Pros: Home Edition is all set to feature noted VFX Ken Ralston, giving an insight into his early inspirations, experiences, projects and more.

Right from how ‘Ralston was “raised by monsters,” retaining his childlike sense of wonder to his origin story to idols to his inspirations to his standout cinematic moments and tales from his storied journey in filmed entertainment…and more, this episode will be a power-packed session. VES shared, “Get ready for our next episode of VFX Pros: Home Edition – At Home with VFX Game-Changer Ken Ralston! A smart-talking cartoon rabbit…Meryl Streep’s head twisting right around…Forrest Gump’s Olympic ping pong battle …alien encounters with a group of senior citizens in Florida…the continuing saga of Luke and Leia in a galaxy far, far away – just some of the extraordinary visual effects work that has cemented VFX Supervisor Ken Ralston’s place in history.” Ralston is a VES Lifetime Achievement Award recipient winner of five Academy Awards, including a Special Achievement Oscar for the visual effects in STAR WARS: EPISODE VI – RETURN OF THE JEDI and VFX Oscars for FORREST GUMP, DEATH BECOMES HER, the revolutionary WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT and COCOON – and was nominated another eight times. Ralston served as the Creative Head at Sony Pictures Imageworks and played a pivotal role in advancing Industrial Light & Magic’s renown. It will be honest on Wednesday, 16 September at 12:00 pm (PT)