Foundry’s Nuke Indie 12.2v3 Update makes it doubly potent for solo artists

Given the pandemic-induced restrictions, there’s been a growing need for VFX software that caters to the need of solo artists. And Foundry’s Nuke Indie is doing just that.

Leading media and entertainment creative software company Foundry released Nuke Indie, an accessible version of Nuke Studio for eligible solo artists.

Nuke Indie was the latest addition to the Nuke family of products combing industry-leading node-based compositing toolset of NukeX with the conform, editorial and review capabilities in Nuke Studio, making it a powerful and important tool for artists wanting to create high-quality visual effects.

Nuke Indie launched as part of the Nuke family – Nuke 12.2. Developing on the themes of prior Nuke 12 releases, with an emphasis on streamlining data flow into comp and extending review workflows in Nuke Studio and Hiero, Nuke 12.2 included updates for pipelines, teams, and individuals while facilitating flexibility and collaboration for teams working remotely.

Speaking to AnimationXpress about its specifications, Foundry’s representative informed, “Nuke Indie combines the node-based compositing toolset of NukeX with the conform, editorial and review capabilities in Nuke Studio. This maintenance release, 12.2v3, introduces support for H.264 and AAC audio codecs, bringing Nuke Indie inline with all file formats supported by commercial Nuke Studio. 3rd party OFX plug-ins are also enabled in Nuke Indie, allowing Nuke Indie users to work with popular plug-ins including BorisFX Mocha Pro and NeatLab (ABSoft) Neat Video. We are working with developers of popular commercial NDK-based plug-ins toward enabling support for these in the future.”

Foundry director of product compositing & finishing Christy Anzelmo commented at the time of release, “Our goal with Nuke Indie is to strengthen Nuke’s user base and uplift artist skills across the VFX industry. Nuke Indie puts the Nuke family within reach of a whole new segment of artists, from freelance VFX generalists to compositors starting out on their own. Nuke Indie is a much anticipated offering and we understand the need to make Nuke more accessible for solo artists looking to use the industry-leading compositing toolset on professional projects. We’re excited to see artists around the globe amplify their artistry with Nuke Indie.”

Nuke Indie is priced at $499/£399/EUR449 per year.