VFX ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ gets extended theatrical run in China -

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ gets extended theatrical run in China

Avatar: The Way of Water has already shattered records globally and has dominated both domestic and international box office for weeks on end, meeting and beyond all the astronomical expectations set upon it. The movie did, however, had the unfortunate timing of being released in China at the midst of a major Covid-19 outbreak. The second-largest film market in the world was affected by this burden, which undoubtedly hindered the movie’s success. However, it appears that the movie will continue to screen in China for an additional 30 days.

The Disney movie was given an exceptionally rare extension on its release, according to the decision made on Tuesday by Beijing’s film regulators. The extension is a component of China’s system for importing movies, which allows for a 30-day viewing period for international movies. It’s unusual to renew a movie for an additional 30 days. On 15 January 2023, the movie’s theatrical run was scheduled to end after earning just under $200 million in the country. Although it had the best pandemic era run in China till date, it didn’t make as much money as was anticipated, because of the country’s ongoing Covid outbreak.

As a result of the Chinese New Year falling during the period of the movie’s extended run across the nation, interest in the movie might increase. The Wandering Earth 2 and other well-known Chinese movies, however, will reduce its screen share. The movie has a chance to make tens of millions of dollars through additional ticket sales. A longer theatrical run will allow the movie, which has performed well with Chinese moviegoers, to strengthen its already strong worldwide hold.

It is interesting, if not simply shocking, that the Film Bureau decided to extend the movie’s run, especially given that it coincides with the Chinese New Year holiday. Typically, foreign film’s screenings are restricted on national holidays. As a result, domestic movies are able to hold their position at the box office.