‘Dune’ Trailer Released Featuring Batista

The official trailer for Dune was released recently. The film is described as a science fiction epic and is meant to be the first film of two that will be released.

The film stars retired WWE Superstar Dave Baustista, who signed on for the role at the beginning of 2019. The film is adapted from the 1965 novel which was written by Frank Herbert and will also star Josh Brolin who played Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and starred opposite Baustisa’s Drax in “Avengers Infinty War” and “Avengers Endgame”.

Bautista is set to play Glossu Rabban and is set to be one of the antagonists in the film. Bautista can be seen briefly in the trailer but does not have any speaking lines featured.

There is no premiere date seen in the trailer. The film has been slated for release on December 18th of this year but many blockbuster films have been pushed back as a result of the closure of movie theaters due to the Covid-19 pandemic. John Cena’s Fast 9 was set to be released earlier this year, but was pushed back until April 2021.