VFX Unity announces new partnership with Insomniac Events -

Unity announces new partnership with Insomniac Events

Unity has announced a new partnership with the world’s leading live music experience creator, Insomniac Events. With nearly 30 years of creating experiences based on community, self-expression and wonder, the Insomniac Events team has partnered with Unity to bring a brand new, persistent metaverse world to its fans community where they can gather and engage virtually for live music performances regardless of location.

This partnership will define a new standard of live entertainment by delivering the next evolution of the Insomniac experience in 2022, where everyone is immersed in non-stop music and play, and empowered to connect through self-expression, as dance culture expands from the physical world into the virtual world. With the vision and creativity of the world’s leading live events company and Unity’s groundbreaking technology, the Insomniac community can expect a powerfully interactive and engaging experience as both companies are set to create the next generation of live entertainment.

“Partnering with Insomniac Events is a fantastic opportunity for us here at Unity. Pasquale and his team are revolutionary and always looking to expand their vision and bring extra value to their community. This partnership is the beginning of a long relationship that we believe will usher in a new level of interactive and immersive experiences within the world of live entertainment,” said Unity senior VP and GM sports and live entertainment.

“It is an honour to be partnered with an incredible company like Unity on this new journey. Our vision is to create a social experience in which everyone is a Headliner – where stories and music unite us in discovery, love and a true sense of belonging. Unity is helping us create a world’s first experience for our community as we work together to deliver the next level of what the metaverse can be for entertainment and music,” said Insomniac Events founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella.

Join Peter Moore, along with a special video message from Pasquale Rotella, at SXSW on 13 March 2022, where they will go into more detail about the partnership and what it means for Insomniac and the Live Entertainment industry.

Insomniac is the benchmark for music festivals, culture and community where it’s about the show, the music, and the belonging. Being with friends or meeting new ones, live music experiences and freedom of expression are at the heart of Insomniac. By partnering with Unity, the Insomniac team looks forward to bringing even more content and experiences to its community as well as increased access to artists, social opportunities, and so much more. Anywhere, anytime, 24/7 entertainment, where all are welcome.