VFX Autodesk presents new plug-ins for 3ds Max and Maya -

Autodesk presents new plug-ins for 3ds Max and Maya

Autodesk Inc. announced that plug-ins are available for use with the new 64-bit versions of Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya animation, modeling and rendering software, thanks to their partnership with HP and Intel. Plug-ins for these new Autodesk 3D software versions were created by members of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) Sparks program.

These plug-in give artists the opportunity to extend the functionality of Autodesk’s media and entertainment technology. They are integrated into development pipelines, optimizing workflow and increasing the creative capabilities of 3ds Max and Maya.

As video game, film and design studios scale their pipelines to accommodate larger teams and increasingly complex data, 64-bit technology is a critical component of next-generation 3D content. Marc Petit, Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment vice president, said, “64-bit technology allows Autodesk software users to deal with greater amounts of data and create more complex 3D scenes. Through our partnership with HP and Intel, Autodesk customers can benefit not only from the new 64-bit versions of 3ds Max and Maya that are highly optimized to handle complexity, but also from a host of compatible 64-bit plug-ins.”

David Tuhy, general manager of Intel’s Business Client Group Product Marketing Division said, “64-bit computing, in combination with high-performance, multi-core Intel processors, is expected to bring Autodesk customers tremendous workflow improvements.”