Cube3 creates Real Time 3D ‘Cybercar Animation’ for Web3D Consortium TechTalk

Siggraph, Boston: August 2, 2006: Cube Productions Inc, (Cube3) has created a promotional package of real-time 3D animated movies and images for usage by the Web3D Consortium this Siggraph 2006 in Boston, MA. The animated and interactive 3d cartoon feature’s a comical ‘CyberCar’ racing through a stylized cyberspace world that resembles the World Wide Web. Decked out in Nascar-like markings, the Cybercar wears the logos of the major company members of the Web3D Consortium and offers a fun visual homage to the popular movie “Cars” released earlier this summer by Pixar. Unlike the animated feature film, this animated 3d cartoon can be manipulated and interacted with in real-time by the user. By clicking on various buttons and locations on the Cybercar, the user can cause the car to spinout, tilt and loop. The user can also change views, and even change the “road music” being played on the car’s radio as it swoops by. Larry Rosenthal, owner of Cube Productions Inc. said, “When I heard the Web3D Consortium was planning a Tech Talk at Siggraph 2006 promoting the ISO standard X3D capabilities, I wanted to create for them a fun, high production value cartoon to help promote the event. X3D and web3D has come along way over the years and this cartoon can help show that to other designers. Using the new “open source” Flux Player 2.0 from MediaMachines Inc. I was able to create a fast paced, full screen 3D piece that could run in a web browser and be seen by many, even those not attending the Siggraph Tech Talk live.” After it’s usage for print promotional images and the introduction movie to the Siggraph TechTalk the cartoon will be placed online for all to see at The Web3D Consortium Tech Talk is planned for Wednesday, August 2, 2006 at 3:30 PM EST.

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