Japanese light novel series ‘Ishura’ to receive anime adaptation by Kadokawa

Ishura, a series of light novels, will get a TV anime adaptation, announced Kadokawa. Two cast members as well as two series-related visuals were also made public along with the announcement.

Soujiro the Willow-Sword, played by Yuuki Kaji, will be the main character in the anime series, whereas Yuno the Distant Talon will be voiced by Reina Ueda. Kadokawa only revealed two cast members at the time the TV anime was announced. Fans will have to wait to watch the official trailer for the upcoming series as well as learn more about the crew and other cast members. There are undoubtedly fans waiting for the release of this TV anime because the light novel series won the tankōbon, novel, and new title categories in the 2021 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! guidebook as the light novel series with the most recorded votes ever in the guidebook’s history.

The novels are being published in English by Yen Press, which describes the series as follows: In a world where the Demon King has died, a host of demigods capable of felling him have inherited the world. A master fencer who can figure out how to take out their opponents with a single glance; a lancer so swift they can break the sound barrier; a wyvern rogue who fights with three legendary weapons at once; an all-powerful wizard who can speak thoughts into being; an angelic assassin who deals instant death. Eager to attain the title of “True Hero,” these champions each pursue challenges against formidable foes and spark conflicts among themselves. The battle to determine the mightiest of the mighty begins.

In 2017, the novel’s serialization on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō and Kakuyomu websites started. The series’ first volume was released in September 2019 by Kadokawa, and the seventh volume will be available on 17 February. In March 2021, Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine published the first issue of Meguri’s manga adaption. In December 2021, the manga’s second volume was released.

Manga ‘The Kingdoms of Ruin’ to receive anime adaptation in 2023; key art released

The Japanese manga series The Kingdoms of Ruin has announced that it will receive a television anime adaptation this year. 

The upcoming anime adaptation will be produced by Yokohama Animation Lab, the production company that has previously worked on Jujutsu Kaisen, an anime adaptation for the well-known video game Legend of Mana, and the television version of Monster Strike. The two major characters, voice actors Kaito Ishikawa as Adonis and Azumi Waki as Doroka, have already been cast in the series, which will be directed by Keitaro Motonaga. In the world of The Kingdoms of Ruin, witches are no longer useful, and a new level of technology has led people to fiercely reject the spellcasters.

The makers have not disclosed the release date of the series yet but they have revealed some artwork from the series. The original printing of The Kingdoms of Ruin’s first volumes was done by Seven Seas Entertainment and their description of the story reads: Humanity long lived in harmony with witches, but an advanced scientific revolution has made the powers of a witch unnecessary. Succumbing to resentment and fear, the greatest nation in the world begins a brutal witch hunt and eliminates all witches from the land. After being forced to watch his beloved teacher die, Adonis, a witch’s apprentice, swears revenge on the empire that took everything away from him. It’s a bloody battle between science and magic in this thrilling new fantasy manga!

Makers of ‘Spy x Family’ to bring out new feature film in 2023

Spy x Family made a number of interesting announcements at Jump Festa 2023, one of which being the arrival of a second season in 2023. A new Spy x Family movie will also debut in the same year, as per Spy x team.  The movie is a brand-new creation with a unique plot. The manga series’ author, Tatsuya Endo, will supervise the movie and design the original character designs for new characters.

Endo created a new drawing to commemorate the special announcement that features Loid flying a little plane while Yor and Bond are seated together in the back. Anya is pointing at something for her father as she sits in between her parents, popcorn flying everywhere from her bucket. 

In April 2022, an anime adaptation of Endo’s manga series was released, with the first season being divided into two distinct courses. Spy x Family, which was produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks for its first season, garnered positive TV ratings. The fact that Spy x Family won the anime category of the Yahoo! Japan Search Awards and the phrase “Anya likes peanuts” came in first place as the trending term of the year, demonstrates the popularity of the anime adaptation.

The first season of Spy x Family is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu. The manga is accessible on Manga Plus and VIZ Media.

‘Tsuyokute New Saga’ fantasy novels get anime series adaptation; new show coming to Crunchyroll in 2023

An anime adaptation of Masayuki Abe’s Tsuyokute New Saga fantasy novel series is coming to Crunchyroll in summer 2023. The anime platform shared a teaser visual, trailer, cast, and staff details along with the release news.

The novels follow the story of Kyle, who, right when he is about to vanquish the demon king laying waste to his world, is sent back four years in time, to the beginning of the demon invasion. Armed with his memories and skills from the future, he works to prevent the upcoming tragedies before they ever occur. 

The cast includes Yūma Uchida (Musashi in ORIENT) as Kyle; Hiro Shimono (Zenitsu in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) as Seran; Fairouz Ai (Power in Chainsaw Man) as Lise; Asami Seto (Raphtalia in The Rising of the Shield Hero) as Urza; and Minami Takahashi (Shia in Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest) as Sildonia.

Norikazu Ishigooka (Midnight Occult Civil Servants episode director) will direct the series at Sotsu Co., Ltd., Makaria, and Yokohama Animation Lab, with series composition by Kenta Ihara. 

Original animation character designs are by Nilitsu (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, The Executioner and Her Way of Life). Music composition is by Shachō and Hironori Anazawa.

Creator of ‘One-Punch Man’ and ‘Mob Psycho 100’ to launch new manga ‘Versus’

One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 creator, ONE, recently revealed that he will launch a brand-new manga series, reported to be titled Versus.

Versus, a new manga series, will pit 47 heroes against 47 demons in a competition set up in part by the universe’s Demon Lord. Azuma Kyoutarou, who previously worked on Tenkaichi and King of Fighters, has been chosen as the series’ artist. The first chapter of the series will debut in Shounen Sirius on 26 November. Given the success of ONE, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this series eventually adapted into a new anime series.

The original One-Punch Man webcomic was first published in 2009 by ONE, who is still only known to the wider population by his original online handle. It tells the tale of Saitama, the strongest hero in the world who can defeat everything with a single punch but he is also incredibly bored with life. In 2012, ONE continued to oversee the writing for the manga adaptation of One-Punch Man, which featured art by Yusuke Murata. Beginning in 2012, ONE continued to write and illustrate Mob Psycho 100. It is now running its third season, and One-Punch Man’s third season was just confirmed to be in production. Both series later underwent anime adaptations.

One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are both available on Viz Media and Dark Horse Comics, respectively. The new manga Versus, will mark its debut on 26 November.

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