Brian Michael Bendis nearing the end of his ‘Superman’ run

Brian Michael Bendis has announced that he is wrapping up his run on DC’s Superman title. He was recently a guest on David Harper’s Off Panel podcast, where they discussed the writer’s entire career.

“I’m heading towards the end of my run on Superman, so I’ve been more reflective on it,” Bendis said on the podcast. “And it’s — I’ll never be more grateful than I got to heal my near-death experience through Superman, and get through this pandemic. No matter what’s going on with this world, I get to spend a few hours each day with Superman. That’s a gift.”

Bendis joined DC near the end of 2017, after spending over a decade at Marvel Comics. He started at DC with a Man of Steel miniseries before relaunching Action Comics and Superman. He is also the creator of DC’s Wonder Comics imprint, which saw the return of the fan-favorite Young Justice series with its trinity of founding members Robin/Tim Drake, Superboy/Conner Kent and Impulse/Bart Allen.

Bendis also co-wrote Naomi and is the current writer of Legion of Super-Heroes and upcoming Leviathan spinoffs. His Jinxworld comics imprint was also moved to DC once he signed an exclusive deal with the publisher. Bendis hasn’t specified when his run is to end, or any storylines associated with it.

DC Comics writer, Martin Pasko dies at 65

DC Comics writer, Martin Pasko, best known for his work on DC properties in both comic books and television, died Sunday night of natural causes. He was 65.

Pasko was well-known for his comic book runs on Superman, Action Comics, Saga of the Swamp Thing, and Justice League of America. He began working at DC Comics in 1973. His first Superman-related story Private Life of Clark Kent was published in July 1974, beginning his life-long association with the character.

Former DC publisher Paul Levitz, a friend of Pasko, announced the writer’s death through a Facebook post on Monday. “The odds are you’ve read his work, credited or not, or enjoyed a comic or cartoon or TV show or even a theme park event he made better, even as he relentlessly complained about the difficulties of making it as good as it ‘should’ be,” Levitz wrote. “Marty didn’t have a genius for making anything easy (especially for him), but he had a real genius for making creative magic.”

Pasko also worked extensively in television, serving as a writer and story editor on Batman: The Animated Series for which he won a Daytime Emmy Award. He also wrote on Cheers, Roseanne, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more programs. Additionally, Pasko co-wrote the animated feature Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, a spin-off of the animated series.

DC Comics reveals brand new costumes for Catwoman and Supergirl

The new Catwoman costume (Source: DC Comics)

Comic giant, DC Comics has unveiled brand new costumes for the popular superheroines – Catwoman and Supergirl.

Written and drawn by Joëlle Jones, Catwoman’s solo comic book will debut this summer which will feature a new look for Selina Kyle and the new costume on the cover of Catwoman #2.

DC Comics has also offered the following commentary about it:

“Selina’s sticking with the black, but gone are the goggles in favor of a cowl, along with some much sleeker, more stylish gloves and boots. The new costume also seems to have some reinforcement in the middle and some openings under her shoulders, which add a bit of flair while also giving her arms slightly more mobility—something that would be particularly important in Selina’s line of work. It’s good to see her sporting a cowl again.”

Supergirl (Kara Danvers) also returns to DC comic universe with a brand new creative team and an all-new costume designed by Jorge Jimenez (Superboy, Super Sons), this August with Supergirl #21.

As reported by SYFY Wire, Eisner Award-winning writer Marc Andreyko (Wonder Woman ’77, Manhunter) and artist Kevin Maguire (Action Comics, Justice League International) will partner to helm the title to take Kara in a new direction.

The issue #21 will find Superman’s cousin on a cosmic quest to uncover more about Rogol Zaar, the mega-villain introduced by Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Lee in Bendis’ debut story in Action Comics #1000 who claims to be responsible for destroying Krypton, Superman’s homeworld. This new story of Supergirl will be directly connected to the storyline running through Bendis’ Man of Steel, a six-issue weekly miniseries launching on 30 May.

“It’s really exciting for me to get to write Kara. Some of my favorite Supergirl stories were obviously things like Crisis On Infinite Earths, the first comic to make me cry as a kid. There was also the great stories that Paul Levitz did with artists Keith Giffen and Steve Lightle back in Legion of Super-Heroes back in the 80s. To get to play with that characters is such a treat,” Andreyko mentioned. (SYFY Wire)

Supergirl #21 cover by Terry Dodson will see Kara clad in a new black, red, and blue costume with a hoodie that “is not a permanent new costume,” according to Andreyko. He further added, “She’s traveling in space, so there’s a lot of technical stuff she has to adapt to and be concerned about. Having a costume that can adapt to different environments and planets that might not have access to a yellow sun is important…Kara’s new costume is practical that happens to be fashionable,” he said of her new digs. “It’s not couture that you wear to the Met Ball only once, as you walk the red carpet; it’s functional fashion.”

Supergirl costume. (Source: DC Comics)

DC’s Superman turns 80; Henry Cavill pays tribute

DC comics creation Superman, one of the most well known and popular comic character in the history, turned 80 today. The Man of Steel, as he’s fondly called, was first conceived in 1933 when two high school students Jerry Seigel and artist Joe Shuster came up with the character in one of their sketches, before selling it to Detective Comics, later rechristened to DC, back in 1938 for a sum of US $130.

Supposedly the strongest of all the heroes ever produced by the publication, Superman made his debut in the pages of the comics later that year in Action Comics volume one, while subsequently featuring in several newspaper strips, television programs, and eventually, the movies.

To commemorate the Kryptonian’s birthday, Action Comics also released its thousandth issue today, continuing Superman’s never ending saga against the evil. But that isn’t all, as the special occasion also saw its alter ego, the reel-Clark Kent, paying homage to the legendary comic character.

Hollywood star Henry Cavill brought the character alive onscreen for the third time with Man of Steel in 2013, before reprising the roles in the continuum movies Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. He wished the hero on his official Twitter handle with a tribute:

“For 80 years he has been saving our tails and indeed perhaps our souls. Inspiring us to be greater than we thought ourselves able. He’s certainly changed me, given me hope, allowed me space to push myself beyond the limits of my patience,” he said.

“Truly, what would a world be without Superman?” he continued. “He paved the way for all of our favourite heroes even if he’s not yours personally. A huuuuge thank you to the incredibly talented artists and writers over the years who have given us so much. Within us, Superman will now live no matter how old he gets. Happy Birthday my friend.”

Action Comics No.1000 is available digitally and has received over half a million pre-orders!


Action Comics to achieve a new landmark with the 1,000th issue and an exciting new release line-up

Action Comics is about to reach a milestone this week with its 1000th issue, celebrating Superman’s 80th birthday. Publisher Jim Lee is one of the creators behind the cover for the seminal issue featuring the iconic superhero on the cover. This special issue which will be out this Wednesday will include the best of all the Superman stories.

‘The Man of Steel’ made his comic debut back in 1938 making him the first comic book superhero. Even after all these years, he has remained the beloved superhero of all generations.

DC Comics’ archivist Benjamin LeClair who oversees more than 80,000 rare comics, opined (as told to NBC news) that the comic industry in America and all over the world wouldn’t have thrived without this breakthrough character who’s unapologetically virtuous and a champion of truth. “I think is something that is very bold and refreshing, especially in today’s day and age. His secret power is to elevate those around him and make people around him better,” he further added.

Apart from that there are some fantastic releases due this week enabling the fans enough reasons to remain excited. Few of them are:

Batman: Creature of the Night
Bruce Wain isn’t a child anymore but the trauma that shaped him, and the monster he created, is still alive in him. The strip traces whether he has grown enough to deal with the shock when he learns that one of his most closely held beliefs was a lie.

Written by: Kurt Busiek
Illustration and Cover by: John Paul Leon

The Brave & the Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman
Batman arrives in Tir Na Nog to help Wonder Woman solve the mystery of a murdered God. Though he’s a great detective, he soon learns that the techniques he uses on our world may not aid him in this strange new one and as the investigation continues and suspects are revealed, this dynamic duo discovers that they may be more dangerous than the last.

Written by: Liam Sharp
Illustration by: Liam Sharp and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover by: Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and Liam Sharp.

It’s a sequel to The Fall of the House of Kane where vengeance and madness returns to the Gotham city bringing a plague that will devour everything Batwoman holds dear.

Written by: Marguerite Bennett
Illustration by: Fernando Blanco and John Rauch
Cover by: Dan Panosian.

Super Sons: End of Innocence (part one)
Robin and Superboy have returned from hell and this time their friendship must stand the ultimate test (the Amazo project). Kid Amazo returns as the pieces of this deadly plan fall into place and reveal a secret that might tear apart Damian and Jon’s growing friendship.

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Illustration by: Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert.
Cover by:  Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez.

Justice League: Justice Lost (finale)
Struggling to save themselves from the grip of war, Justice League’s hand is forced by the mercenary deathstroke. Decisions must be made about Red Lion’s brutality, the insidious tactics of the Fan and the League’s role as the World’s Greatest Heroes.

Written by: Christopher Priest
Illustration and Colour by: Pete Woods.
Cover by: David Yardin

Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
Final battle where the Bat-family and the Turtles face off against Bane and the Foot Clan on Liberty Island. With America’s great symbol of freedom watching over them, the Dark Knight and the Ninja turtles must bring Bane’s tyrannical rule over New York to an end.

Written by: Ryan Ferrier and James Tynion IV
Illustration and colour by: Freddie E. Williams II and Jeremy Colwell
Cover by: Jeremy Colwell and Freddie E. Williams II

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