Brian Michael Bendis nearing the end of his ‘Superman’ run

Brian Michael Bendis has announced that he is wrapping up his run on DC’s Superman title. He was recently a guest on David Harper’s Off Panel podcast, where they discussed the writer’s entire career. “I’m heading towards the end of my run on Superman, so I’ve been more reflective on it,” Bendis said on the podcast. “And it’s — I’ll never be more grateful than I got to heal my near-death experience through Superman, and get through this pandemic. No matter what’s going on with this world, I get to spend a few hours each day with Superman. That’s a gift.” Bendis joined DC near the end of 2017, after spending over a decade at Marvel Comics. He started at DC with a Man of Steel miniseries before relaunching Action Comics and Superman. He is also the creator of DC’s Wonder Comics imprint, which saw the return of the fan-favorite Young Justice series with its trinity of founding members Robin/Tim Drake, Superboy/Conner Kent and Impulse/Bart Allen. Bendis also co-wrote Naomi and is the current writer of Legion of Super-Heroes and upcoming Leviathan spinoffs. His Jinxworld comics imprint was also moved to DC once he signed an exclusive deal with the publisher. Bendis hasn’t specified when his run is to end, or any storylines associated with it.