DC’s Superman turns 80; Henry Cavill pays tribute

DC comics creation Superman, one of the most well known and popular comic character in the history, turned 80 today. The Man of Steel, as he’s fondly called, was first conceived in 1933 when two high school students Jerry Seigel and artist Joe Shuster came up with the character in one of their sketches, before selling it to Detective Comics, later rechristened to DC, back in 1938 for a sum of US $130. Supposedly the strongest of all the heroes ever produced by the publication, Superman made his debut in the pages of the comics later that year in Action Comics volume one, while subsequently featuring in several newspaper strips, television programs, and eventually, the movies. To commemorate the Kryptonian’s birthday, Action Comics also released its thousandth issue today, continuing Superman’s never ending saga against the evil. But that isn’t all, as the special occasion also saw its alter ego, the reel-Clark Kent, paying homage to the legendary comic character. Hollywood star Henry Cavill brought the character alive onscreen for the third time with Man of Steel in 2013, before reprising the roles in the continuum movies Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. He wished the hero on his official Twitter handle with a tribute: “For 80 years he has been saving our tails and indeed perhaps our souls. Inspiring us to be greater than we thought ourselves able. He’s certainly changed me, given me hope, allowed me space to push myself beyond the limits of my patience,” he said. “Truly, what would a world be without Superman?” he continued. “He paved the way for all of our favourite heroes even if he’s not yours personally. A huuuuge thank you to the incredibly talented artists and writers over the years who have given us so much. Within us, Superman will now live no matter how old he gets. Happy Birthday my friend.” Action Comics No.1000 is available digitally and has received over half a million pre-orders!