VFX One Take Media Co. director Shamoly Khera forays into writing with new book ‘Bedazzle’ -

One Take Media Co. director Shamoly Khera forays into writing with new book ‘Bedazzle’

Did you know that one’s childhood can have a deep impact on one’s self-confidence?

What affects a person’s confidence adversely and why does that matter?

How do animals with lesser thinking capacity step out to hunt, deeply motivated, every single day, despite a previous failed attempt? 

Dr. Shamoly Khera answers all these mind-boggling questions in her latest book BEDAZZLE

Dr. Shamoly Khera

Speaking about writing a book on such a compelling topic,  Dr. Khera said, “I have always been intrigued by what makes a person more confident than the others – and often you will notice that confidence has a deeper correlation to success than talent. Self-belief  is the one thing most important for a person’s confidence because what you believe about yourself to be true, turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, so believe carefully – and when you do, believe fully! This book is an exploration of what one can do to achieve a level of eternal confidence, by being able to create a stream of constant infinite confidence within, through practical insights.”

Hailing from the field of medicine and with a special interest in neuroscience, Dr. Khera believes in backing every remark with apt research. 

“I believe in factual evidence and I avoid making a point until and unless strongly supported by relevant studies. Finding the missing link between a confident and an under-confident person, BEDAZZLE aims to stimulate the reader in understanding his own psyche of success. Each person’s disposition is different, and we all get affected by failures and success differently,” she stated.

Talking about if lockdown was a challenge to foray into writing, Dr. Khera added, “On the contrary, lockdown was a boon. This idea came to me sometime last year but it fully caught steam only in the months of lockdown. Lockdown has provided many writers and artists the perfect environment for brewing ideas and giving them shape – for only in such dedicated environments do novel ideas thrive!’

Published by Bloomsbury, BEDAZZLE – The Art & Science of Confidence releases worldwide on Amazon on 18 December 2020 and is available in both Paperback and Kindle editions here. #BedazzleTheBook is currently trending in the non-fiction pre-order lists.

Dr Khera is a well-known personality in the Indian media and TV industry, with an illustrious career as a TV presenter, content producer, public speaker and celebrity coach. 

Her professional education in medicine and a celebrated career in working with top Bollywood celebrities and corporate executives have equipped her with numerous anecdotes, stories and observations.

Over the last decade, Khera has been the face of various television networks, such as Zee, TLC, Colors and MBC and has devised multiple shows that impacted across cultures and continents.

She currently serves as a director at her content distribution house, One Take Media Co. With a passion in the field of Neuroscience and Performance Psychology, she has founded ‘Speak to Inspire Academy’ – where she has coached hundreds of leaders to become impactful speakers and discover their authentic story.