Yoozoo Games opens pre-registration for ‘DoomCar’

Yoozoo Games has opened pre-registration of strategy RPG DoomCar is now open for Android devices. The game opens with the year 2057, where massive space vessels of unknown origin suddenly appear on earth and lay waste to the world with unrelenting and overwhelming force. On a barren and post-apocalyptic wasteland, the annihilation caused by faceless alien invaders leaves humans battling for resources. Society has chosen a lethal new order of vehicular society, one that might just survive the toxic and hostile environment. Powerful, atmospheric, electromagnetic waves prevent most electronics from functioning; so armoured combat vehicles are the only way to get around and fight over increasingly scarce resources. DoomCar is a strategy RPG wrapped in a distinctly dystopian world. Players can collect and upgrade over 100 vehicles, source new equipment (or simply steal it) from all manner of NPC factions. the task is to engage in the ultimate battle royale; with rogue-like modes making every road trip a new and maniacally dicey experience. Players can also tailor war chariot battle formations, individual driver skills, professions, affinities, and progression. Create the ultimate team, take on all comers and become the despotic driver of your dreams. The game has a  rich variety of single-player, cooperative, PvP, and clan vs clan modes which will satisfy even the most competitive amongst you.