VFX Lucid Labs' new platform makes game dev collaborations easy

Lucid Labs’ new platform makes game dev collaborations easy

Collaboration in the gaming community has been a practice for years given the burgeoning demand for gaming content. Earlier most collaboration used to take place when the developers met face to face at a social gathering, gamer networks, game jams, gaming cafes and so on. Since the inception of digital age collaborations among game makers have become possible online especially through social media platforms. From social media, today developers have the option to collaborate on platforms which have been created especially to connect, collaborate and create games. Two months ago  Lucid Labs founder Chirag Chopra launched gaming platform WeMake (dot) Games (WMG), which is one such platform for game makers to connect, collaborate and create gaming content.

Not only that, making games is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and there are times when makers lose their willpower to keep going. This tool becomes handy to convey a message to the makers that they are not the only one. In conversation with Animationxpress Chopra shares, “I’ve been making games with a talented remote team from the past five years but there were times when I felt isolated and lacked motivation due to working out of my room. But I realised looking at other developers’ games and progress always motivated me and kept the fire burning. With that in mind, I conceptualised an idea about a community where people can not only share screenshots and their games in development but also their daily tasks and goals for others to stay accountable.”

The platform provides a unified platform for game makers to interact and socialise with each other. There is a provision for users where they can explore multiple different channels, can share what they are working on, have discussions and share their daily progress with the public, all without leaving the platform.

According to Chopra the platform is free to join, since they are close to beta so, therefore, users need to sign up and they could roll out their invites periodically. On the platform community game makers aims to hold each other accountable to stay motivated by sharing their daily goals and progress with the world.

Chopra operates WMG under the label of Lucid Labs and has crafted three games so far, each with a remote team. All these years, Chirag felt the need for space where it’s easy to see what everyone is working on and use that as a motivator to make progress daily.

They have over 300 users interacting with the tool and the response has been phenomenal according to Chopra. Chopra believes that the users are actively participating in shaping up the community. “We regularly get feedback and suggestions on our Discord channel. We’ve also received notes from users about how the platform is helping them stay active and motivated in their dev journey,” he added.