‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot voices tomboy racer Shank in new clip of ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

Reckless Ralph is here for his second bout of adventure with fidus achate Vanellope, and this time, he’s readying to take the Internet by storm as the misfit duo embark on a journey through the cyber space to find a replacement part for the latter’s game Sugar Rush in a seemingly enthralling Ralph Breaks the Internet. In the new clip released on YouTube, we’re introduced to a street racer Shank, a tough, no-nonsense driver in the racing game Slaughter Race that perhaps teaches Ralph and Vanellope a thing or two about street racing. The character has been voiced by Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, although the video features precious little dialogues mouthed by her. The Israeli actor’s involvement as one of the voice cast was only revealed last Friday. Unfortunately for the DC fans, they might have to wait for the movie to release to hear one of DCEU biggest names weave her charm through her seductive voice, whilst the 60 second clip once again probes the ensemble of Disney princesses engaging in friendly banters with Vanellope making her presence amongst them too. A Walt Disney Animation Studios production, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is a sequel to the 2012 hit Wreck-It Ralph, and opens in cinemas on 21 November 2018.