VFX Christopher Robin shows the joys of childhood

Review: ‘Christopher Robin’- return to the lost childhood

Growing old is natural but growing up is optional! And Christopher Robin is all about that. Adulthood takes a toll on our lives and we stop living, living the moments that make our life soulful. Career, higher pay scale, higher standard of living; a luxurious lifestyle is what everyone desires. But, what if it comes at the cost of special moments with your special people?

The norms of adult life make the life monotonous and the joy of life just becomes a distant memory. Robin can be seen running on his toes, not leaving a single stone unturned in his work. The dedicated Robin meets his dearest friend, Winnie the Pooh, and the movie actually begins!

Marc Forster’s film fails to give the desired charm to the characters. The overall appeal of the frame looks gloomy, but manages to charm us, thanks to the love we have for Pooh bear. The fur toys look dull and worn out, but maybe that’s purposely done to show the years that have passed by.

‘Doing nothing leads to the very best kind of something’, says Mr. Pooh and that explains the crux. The film tries to build up the idea of challenging the inner child in us once in a while and have fun like there is no tomorrow.

Forster has managed to deliver his thoughts pretty well. With scenes where Pooh and Robin meet for the first time and another where Robin can’t let Pooh go through the tree hole shows the love they shared and the feelings that were just buried but have not faded.

Pooh charms us with his innocence in the entire film. The scene where he plays the ‘say what you see’ game and later when Robin tries playing it, made me play it too. Pooh gives us life goals with his cute innocent philosophies and shows Robin how beautiful life actually is and how just work will make him a dull boy.

The film softly touches the sensitive topic of balancing family and work. With the childhood toys bringing Robin on an adventure to them going on one to Lon Don, the film brings the old memories back making audience nostalgic, and making me ‘Return to the Hundred Acre Wood’ which was cornered in the shelf.

As Pooh says, “Sometimes when I need to go somewhere, I wait. And then, somewhere comes to me,” explaining us the gist of life and simply telling us how letting go can surprise you, don’t be harsh on life, bring out that child in you sometimes, get nostalgic and remember those companions who made your childhood beautiful!