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WHO does GAMSTOP share personal data with?

In case you are a bit skeptical about why your data would be collected, monitored, used, and stored at all, let alone being shared with others, you have no cause to worry as this is for the greater good in every case. The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme, which is also known by many others as NOSES or GAMSTOP, in furtherance of their responsibility, make use and store a number of your personal data in conformity with their well-stated privacy policy. The personal data collected by Gamstop is employed to deliver to you every feel of the GAMSTOP service.

The data is truly shared and rightfully so, as we have explained above. Then, the question would be: “Who are those Gamstop share personal data with?” Our list of personnel and systems provides the perfect answer to this question. Dive in!

1. Service Providers

Gamstop, a free self-exclusion scheme function in partnership with an essential number of service providers in a bid to give you the best the GAMSTOP service has to offer. The following providers are the service providers Gamstop share personal data with when it is required in order to achieve the goal of rendering the GAMSTOP service:

  • The Data Shed (this provider handles IT, development, and software delivery services).
  • SendInBlue (this provider handles email services).
  • AWS (this provider handles cloud services).
  • TransUnion (this provider handles identity verification services).
  • Connect Assist (this provider handles consumer services).
  • Zendesk (this provider handles the case management system).
  • Microsoft (this provider handles software).
  • Nexus IT (this provider handles IT support).
  • Citrix (this provider caters to the security of shared information and the process entirely).

We do understand that Gamstop maintains contracts that are set in place with every service provider that dutifully guide the method of usage of the personal data that is divulged to them.

2. Gambling Operators

Gambling operators are another set of persons Gamstop shares personal data with. When operators make use of the matching service as we have explained previously, Gamstop will inform them on whether or not the data they give for a user trying to access their site is a match with the identity provided by someone enlisted as self-excluded on the Gamstop scheme. This feedback is given as a Yes or No reply.

This scheme providers furthermore notify gambling operators when the data they give shows a match with the identity of a user who was enrolled with GAMSTOP as self-excluded at any period in the last 7 years.

Do well to understand that this is what happens, if, after you reach the end of your chosen least self-exclusion duration, and you notify GAMSTOP that you wish to reverse GAMSTOP self-exclusion in conformity with their Terms of Use. For a timeframe of 7 years coming after the cancellation of your self-exclusion, gambling operators will be allowed to notice with the aid of the matching system that you have formerly kept an effective self-exclusion on the GAMSTOP system.

The Gamstop service may similarly have to share your personal data with operators in a bid to answer an inquiry from a user or for the motive of fulfilling ethical gambling commitments by an operator.

3. Gambling commission

The gambling commission is another platform to which your personal data is disclosed. Gamstop at some point in time may be required to provide personal data to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This need arises only when the call is essential for the upkeep and topnotch performance of the GAMSTOP service scheme. Another case is where sharing such personal data is vital for the execution of the regulatory roles of the Gambling Commission.

4. Research

This outlet gets to receive personal data from Gamstop on special kinds of cases. In a case where you have granted Gamstop your explicit approval, they get to share your private data with chosen autonomous researchers. This data is shared in order to promote the GAMSTOP scheme.

5. GamCare

This is a similar situation to the previous outlets. Here, personal data are shared if you have granted your explicit approval to Gamstop. Gamstop will then disclose these personal data to GamCare, the chief operator of the National Gambling Helpline.

6. Legal rights and obligations

Gamstop may, at certain times, be compelled by law, a court ruling, or governmental power to unveil particular categories of personal data. The scheme operators may also be compelled to share your personal data as an aspect of Gamstop, practice, or as a justification of legal declarations.

7. Corporate reorganisation

To wrap this list up, in a case where a reorganisation, takeover, or outright sale is done, Gamstop may be compelled to divulge personal data to the new individuals that are members of the organization or possible purchasers and their consultants.

Understand that Gamstop will only make such a revelation on the ground that the data is held within their system. The personal data divulged will only be utilized in accordance with laws that apply, together with the Gamstop privacy policy, when the reorganisation, sale, or takeover occurs.