#WhenAtHome: Five popular audiobooks for kids to beat lockdown blues

India now enters lockdown 5.0 in containment zones, along with the unlock 1.0 as services have started to operate with necessary precautionary measures and official directives.

School and colleges however remain shut till the end of the month and as parents juggle between personal and professional work, kids are already bored and running out of options. So, today we list five audiobooks that can keep your kid busy, entertained and educated.

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular amongst kids and adults as a source of entertainment. The apps in the market have a wide variety of genres of audiobooks for adults as well as kids, with their demand increasing every day, especially at a time when everyone is at home and looking for new things to do and explore every day. Some apps apart from audio books have a huge library of content for kids has been extremely effective in keeping kids entertained along with ensuring that they make use of their screen time productively.

Here are our picks :

1. The Foolish Crow 

Who hasn’t heard The Foolish Crow story, from our grandmothers or mothers? But in today’s busy times parents often don’t have time to read the same to their kids. So, these classic stories are now available in celebrities’ voices which kids can enjoy without interruption. This popular story is narrated by the famous actor Saeed Jaffery on how the clever fox took the crow’s dinner seamlessly.

Available on : Karadi Tales catalogue on VOOT Kids 2. The Lion and the Mouse 

Remember the timid mouse which kept bothering the angry lion caught in the hunter’s net? Despite the lion’s anger, the mouse tries to help him which sends out its intended message of the morals learned through them. The fun will surely be doubled when kids will enjoy it with some special audio effects and an immersive experience.

Available on : Audible

3. The Monkey and the Capseller 

Narrated by actor Sanjay Dutt on Karadi Tales, all of us in our childhoods wanted to travel to the land of caps when we heard the story of the monkey and cap seller. Through a fascinating experience, the kids will learn how the capseller found an escape from the monkeys.

Available on : Karadi Tales catalogue on VOOT Kids

4. Cinderella 

All of us  are in awe of fairy tales full of adventures, mystical places, great characters. And when they come with audio effects and narrated by favourite voices, the entire experience gets even better. Kids can now put on the dream shoes as Cinderella comes alive through the beautiful voice of Aneira as this popular story on audiobooks which will help a child travel to their la la land quicker than ever. This magical audiobook has got positive feedback and popular reviews.

Available on : Voot Kids and Audible.

5. The Hare and the Tortoise 

This one is probably the most common, yet very significant of all in the list. ‘The origin of the phrase – ‘Slow and Steady wins the race’, the hare and tortoise tale is the one that no one ever forgets. For most of us, we began reading and stepped into the storyland with this story. The race between the rabbit and the tortoise is something that will entice kids as well as give them a life lesson that’ll help them in every step.

Available on : Audible.

While we may have heard these popular stories from our grandmothers, kids of Gen-Z can enjoy the same stories through popular voices on audiobooks and enjoy a newer experience. This lockdown, give your children a fruitful and fun time.