Videocon d2h ushers a “sunshine of happiness” with own kids services

Videocon d2h “Asia’s Most Promising DTH service” has packets of happiness not only for kids but also for their parents with its broad range of TV channels for kids infotainment. Kids love a variety of content which matches their psyche like animated cartoons, rhymes shows, mythological characters. AnimationXpress team explored the fascinating world of kids entertainment and we spoke to Videocon d2h CEO Anil Khera about the same. The regular kids channels in Videocon d2h range from Nick, Hungama, Disney Channel, Pogo, Discovery Kids, Baby TV, Disney XD, Disney Junior which offer a rainbow of entertainment as well educative programmes for kids, many of them being animated cartoons. The Indian pay TV  today finds its satellite reflectors cabling out of every other residence, signifying its far-reach and prosperity. Founded in 2009, Videocon d2h which is known as “India’s most trusted brand” offers a myriad of channels which includes several regional languages. Currently, Videocon d2h has its own two customized kid centric services, d2h Kids and d2h Rhymes. d2h Kids focuses on the growth of creativity of child through the means of animation programmes, ranging from action and adventure to mythology and comedy. d2h Rhymes showcases a wide variety of nursery rhymes and jingles for kids and helps to develop their interest via sing along content like English and Hindi karaoke. It is entirely a break free service. d2h Rhymes has also turned out to be more popular of the two. CEO Anil Khera says, “Our karaoke rhymes are really popular, as it makes it easier for the kids to know the actual lyrics of their favourite rhymes. Even if they can’t read it themselves, their parents can sing along those rhymes and help their kids to learn rhymes faster.” The targeted age groups of d2h kids and d2h rhymes are between six to twelve and two to six years respectively. The shows are broadcasted in English as well as Hindi with both services available at a very affordable price of Rs.35 per month. The shows which the kids watch normally have an influence on their behaviour and perception. Hence, it is vital to showcase only the content that contributes to their edification and psychological development. To this, Anil Khera says, “I think animated shows have a very good impact on the kids as they always love to do what their favourite animation characters do and that is the reason we don’t prefer to showcase any show where the main character is playing a spoilt kid.” Among all the shows, the ones based on mythology have endeared the kids a lot. The mythical tales of the Indian gods and goddesses fascinate the young audience and maybe that is the reason why there are more shows of this genre coming up, opines Anil. He feels, “Kids have always been very fascinated by the adventurous stories of gods fighting with demons. They love the victory of good over evil. That is why they like watching such shows in animation which teaches them something good and entertains them as well.” And, moreover they don’t get to see about these on daily basis, either they have to wait for some festive occasion so that some regular channel would show such content or else they have to watch other daily soaps about such topics on the GEC channels, which is rather boring for them. There is a plenty of good feedback from parents stating that d2h rhymes has been tremendously helpful for them. As it is a break free channel, it makes their kids totally engrossed in the catchy animated rhymes for a long time and the parents get to do some other work simultaneously. It has also been very surprising for them to see their kids humming new rhymes each day. Shows like Pet Pals, Turtle Island, Mythology Hour are among the more popular shows, as the kids tend to have an inclination towards shows that are adventurous and involve problem solving. The tender age of kids is the time when they are curious about knowing the world and have hundreds of questions in their mind. There is also a need for engagement and entertainment which is at times unavailable in the real world due to today’s hectic lifestyle. Videocon d2h has filled these gaps in a relevant yet entertaining manner. Today, the popularity of the kids channels of Videocon d2h is trending ahead due to its outstanding content. It is indeed a sunshine of happiness!