VFX Ventana, a CG and VFX studio opens its ‘windows’ in Mumbai -

Ventana, a CG and VFX studio opens its ‘windows’ in Mumbai

Just a month old infant, Ventana is making heads turn with its huge clientele! The office in Khar, Mumbai showcases the working pattern and the creative lifestyle of the family members. Family indeed! The employees there are treated as family members and the work culture is nothing less than a creative team of partners at work. With just a month into the advertising industry, Ventana works on brands from Garnier, Zoo, Walls to Replispray, Digene, Star Promo to name a few.

“It feels great! A fresh new journey starts again. Ventana is derived from a Spanish word meaning a window. An open window represents looking for new ideas, opportunities, partnerships and or perspectives. Our ideology is to better ourselves and consistently challenge our capabilities to break new grounds. Ventana fulfils our ideologies, why we have come in this industry,” says Nube and Ventana Studios founder and managing partner Navin Shetty.

Navin Shetty

Shetty began his journey with Nube Studio in 2015 and so far the studio has colour graded more than 6000 projects, mostly TVC’s. The studio has three Grading Suites with Filmlight’s Baselight Two and Da Vinci Resolve grading workstation as its centre-piece. The team thrives on giving the filmmakers what they expect in just the way they have imagined.

And now the ball is in Ventana’s court. Keeping the legacy alive, the sister company of Nube deals with CG and VFX for advertising. Good team brings good work is what the team adheres to.

“Being an artist myself, I understand the touch points of my fellow artist and we like to go beyond ordinary. We work as a creative team and definitely don’t have the ‘boss n employee’ environment. We have targets for quality and constant up-gradation and have picked the right guys to run the show and in whatever role they play, they have been given complete ownership of the work they do. And I completely believe my team,” said Shetty.

Ranjan Karkera

Nube and Ventana business head Ranjan Karkera feels that Ventana is an additional responsibility given to him by Shetty. The challenge here is to reach the bench mark what Nube created in the last three years.

“The future is bright for Ventana,” says Karkera. “We have identified our market and new trends that will certainly have an impact on the CG and VFX industry. With the introduction of new tools, new concepts, and ideas, the studio is well prepared to work with Indian and international filmmakers.”

Ventana is packed with resources, advanced technologies and R&D facilities for the artists to access and has handpicked the talented powerhouses from the industry who have passion for CG and VFX, one being Prashant Sadaphule who is heading the creative team. He is a former creative head of Famous Studios with an experience of more than 20 years in CG and VFX. Having specialised in photo real CG environment, character animation, fluid stimulation and invisible effects, Sadaphule and his team have worked with clients through every phase of the creative process, from VFX, design and pre-visualisation to CG animation, digital effects, compositing and matte painting.

The creative team has a common goal of working on more complex projects and levelling up their skills. The entire team sits together and brain storms on how the project can be executed and opinions from the junior to senior most artists are happily welcomed, as Sadaphule believes that creativity has no bar.

Prashant Sadaphule

“We better ourselves with every project we do and make our work speak. Within the first month we have already completed and delivered ten projects and are so glad to have worked with some of the top production houses,” exclaimed Sadaphule.

Sadaphule and his team is capable of multitasking, doing jobs ranging from character animation, pack-shots and liquid simulations to matte painting and chroma compositing. They also provide shoot supervision with a detailed storyboard and treatment note helping the director visualize and shoot with much comfort.

“We are taking one step at a time and concentrating on delivering a top notch product which is at par with any international studio. The idea is to better ourselves to a level that none of the Indian advertising agencies, production houses and directors will have to struggle for quality and opt for an international studio to help them,” Shetty added.

The company may be new but the artists are well experienced. Ventana is just a new born in the industry but a promising one!