Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom—amalgamating two worlds

Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomBefore entering the screen-room; the expectation surges too high to be controlled but too fragile to break if the movie is not up-to the mark of likeliness. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is justified on action, but leaves a lot to be considered necessary from the storytelling perspective. The movie is a hell of a coaster-ride with the best beginning and an apologetic ending—two worlds are brought together and the dinosaurs live among humans. All these years the Jurassic park, Isla Nublar, became a part and parcel of our imagination world. Now, the park is destroyed and the imagination world is out among us living through our daily life. Imagine, you are in a rush for an important office meeting so is the Pachycephalosaurus looking for its next attack. If you are wondering who Pachycephalosaurus is, you should look out for the cute herbivore creature that repeatedly banged its head on the wall (and just about anything that came in its way) in a response to Owen Grady’s whistles. Clubbing two worlds (Humans and Dinosaurs) may look like an amusing option to bring in some flavour to a mundane human life, but might not be the safest one. Apparently, we shall see the side-effects in the next release. When Claire drags in Owen for the rescue mission of these scarce species which are trapped on an island about to be consumed by a volcanic discharge, they did not perceive deception or a greater plan of selling few specific species for monetary benefits. Let’s take a moment of silence for the protagonists for turning a blind eye to the real intentions of Eli Mills, Benjamin’s aide. Bombarding just a couple of questions would have pinned some light on the situation where only 11 dinosaur species were a part of the rescue plan. Like heroes are supposed to function, they too jump into this adventure and join the dinosaurs on the dying island. Though our heroes survive the volcano, but some poor dinosaurs are unfortunate to not see the next daylight. Viewers can witness the most emotional scene in the entire movie at this point where an Apatosaurus is left at the edge of the island dying while the rescue ship sails away in the water. Blue and OwenComing to the hyper-intelligent raptor—Blue, the movie again showcases its bravery while fighting the hybrid dinosaur (Indoraptor) in saving its old pal, Owen. Considering the size and strength of Indoraptor, the undefeated Blue should be marked with questions. One of which is how did it manage to defeat such a smart-thinking and powerful creature? Nonetheless, Blue survives the attack with next to no injury on its body and the Indoraptor meets a terrifying death. Like always, the movie ends on ‘All’s well than ends well’ note. To appreciate the work of the team behind the movie, the detailing on the dinosaurs has been eye-catchy and a magnificent work from VFX experts. The adventure on the island also marks a tribute to the VFX team for some of the best scenes they had created—for instance, the rampage of both dinosaurs and humans trying to survive the outburst from volcano and the thrilling Gyrosphere ride that ends in the deep seawater. Towards the end, we learn that the dinosaurs are left loose in the city and the locals are entirely unaware. Did the protagonists think the dinosaurs will go herbivorous and never harm another human? Well, we can’t imagine a life where humans and dinosaurs share a living-space. Can you?