‘Venom’ and ‘Aquaman’ get official release dates for Chinese audience

China’s restrictions against screening Hollywood films in theatres is apparently being lifted as big budget productions Venom and Aquaman are heading to the country real soon. Whilst Sony’s spin-off on the anti-hero is raking in the moolah from all quarters despite several negative reviews and criticisms, Venom is spewing its way into the Chinese theatres on 8 November 2018. China’s embargo on releasing American films was apparently owing to the strict censorship policies in the country. However, it had negative ramifications on its domestic box-office as it witnessed a 28 percent plunge in overall collections in the six weeks since the decision was passed. But much to the delight of its movie buffs, the world’s second largest movie market is once again opening its gates to Hollywood films, and DCEU’s Aquaman too is arriving at the Chinese shores on 7 December 2018, exactly two weeks before its release in the US. However, the Chinese Government has provisionally granted these releases in an effort to encourage the Chinese audience to support domestic productions too, rather than only foreign releases.