Volvo will use Nvidia’s new technology for its next generation vehicles

Volvo Cars is collaborating with Nvidia and will be using the later’s high-powered Drive AGX Xavier technology in its next-generation vehicles. The technology will help Volvo take steps in artificial intelligence for vehicles as well as a higher level of computing power. In the keynote Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said, “As a world leader in safety technology and innovation, Volvo understands there is a direct connection between safety, comfort and the computing capability inside the vehicle.” The hardware has the power to be able to handle full autonomy within controlled areas (Level 4 autonomy), but will launch Level 2+ capabilities. The cars are expected to start production in the early 2020s and will use Nvidia’s platform to monitor the vehicle and keep eye on the driver. Nvidia has previously said that its software is capable of tracking a driver’s head and eye movements to know when they may have not noticed something in their environment. In a press release, Nvidia and Volvo said, “The next generation of Volvo cars will initially deliver Level 2 automated driving features and higher. Level 2 autonomy is defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers as when ‘driver is disengaged from physically operating the vehicle by having his or her hands off the steering wheel AND foot off pedal at the same time’.” Last year Volvo and Nvidia started joint development of advanced systems and software for self-driving cars and this new agreement expands the existing collaboration between the two companies.