Top animated casino games

For many people while growing up, their favourite TV shows were cartoon series. With time, many people lost their love for cartoons but for others, the love of cartoons just never slowed down. For those who find themselves in the latter classification but fail to keep up with all the latest cartoon series due to more pressing issues which come with adult life, there is another way for you to keep track of what’s happening in the cartoon network i.e. through searching for animated casino games. Animated casino games come in different forms including blackjack games, poker games, online roulette games, the most popular being online slot games. South Park Slot Machine South Park is one of the most popular cartoon series that has been airing for the past 15 years. This online slot is a branded game which features most of the characters that are found in the South Park cartoon series. In addition, some of the bonus games in this slot game are taken straight from some subplots in the cartoon series therefore when playing this game players’ can get accustomed to all the plots and subplots in South Park cartoon series. With its violent nature (as adapted from the violent nature of the cartoon series), this slot game will not only appeal to players who love anime themed slots but it will also appeal to players who love playing adventure and action-filled slot games. The slot comes with five reels and 25 paylines. Family Guy Slot Machine Family Guy is one of those cartoon series which was adapted from a comedy film. This slot game follows one of Seth McFarlane’s comedy in which one of the main characters, Stewie views the world as a dangerous and sick place. Unfortunately, the views of Stewie do not resonate with the views of other characters. As such, the other characters sought to change Stewie’s views and in their aim to do so they encounter some hilarious twists. This slot game features all of the popular characters from Seth McFarlane’s production and it comes with five reels and 30 paylines. This game was developed by world- renowned developer IGT. Pink Panther Slot Machine The Pink Panther cartoon series is popular with the elderly due to the fact that it made its debut all the way back in 1964. The series ran for a number of years before coming to an end in 1980. However, due to the incredible success of the cartoon series, many movies inspired by this cartoon were created. Complementing these movies, Playtech also decided to create a branded Pink Panther slot game. The famous cat is one of the symbols in this game and it acts as a wild therefore has special powers to take the form and shape of any other symbol on the reels. Other symbols that players playing this game will find on the reels include pink paw prints, pink paint, bombs, the inspector and the little man. This slot game comes with five reels and 50 ways to win.