Vaanarsena Studios completes three glorious years; interns celebrate with an animated tribute to senapati

One of the finest animation studio, run by senapati Vivek Ram and his huge vaanarsena is stepping in its fourth year after successfully completing three years in the animation industry. From telling various mythological stories through the medium of animation and making the younger generation aware about the great mythology our country has to offer, Ram has been a support to many animation enthusiasts trying to make their way in this sector.

Recently, Ram alongwith few volunteers, offered free online animation courses to aspiring animators. Expecting nothing more than a talented bunch of animators in return. The senapati has been a mentor to many. With the completion of 20 amazing years in the industry, Ram beamed with joy and expressed, “It’s been a hell of a ride….a lot of fun! 20 years and counting and it couldn’t have gone better. Learnt a lot and shared a lot more. Where I stand today is just a result of all those micro journeys.”

Ram’s interns created a video as a tribute to Vaanarsena’s journey. “The video almost felt like a testament to my journey of 20 years.” Ram has mentored students from a very early point in his career. The internships at Vaanarsena were just extensions of that. “It’s always amazing to see and be surrounded by passionate young artists. A year ago, we felt the need to fill the gap between skill training and actual art training (the latter is missing in our industry). When we opened our doors, I don’t think we were prepared for the flood. It’s been amazing since,” he expressed.

Ram who firmly believes that passion attracts passion said, “There’s no real need for marketing in education, when your work speaks loudly. Six months and we are a 100 people strong. I think the numbers now back up that belief.”

Ram was very much touched by the video. “I had no idea this was cooking, and that too with all 100 volunteers collaborating! Many of them are still at a very early stage in their training. It was exhilarating to see the drive and motivation that was brought in to collaborate, execute and deliver something purely to celebrate this seed that I sowed three years ago. What was once my vision is now a collective vision with no individual benefit, and as Senapati, there is no better feeling than this,” he concluded.


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