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Top six benefits of web-based video editing

People in video-creative fields are highly recommended to switch to web-based video editing and rendering these days owing to several different reasons. Apart from the variety of video applications available on these platforms, you get access to many online tools that enable you to get all your work done quickly. You may find many of these features missing in the desktop applications. Let’s go over the top 6 benefits of web-based video editing.

Improves productivity

This is by far the biggest reason why more and more people are switching to web-based video editing these days. Many things can go wrong when you’re working with a desktop video-editing application. Furthermore, you’ll need to constantly download the needed clips when using a desktop-editing software, however, in case of a cloud-based video editing service, you can use any feature, tool or clip anytime you need, without any complications or downloads. It’d save you plenty of time and storage space.

Streamlined workflow

If you actively use cloud storage to save your videos, it may make all the more sense to use some cloud-based video software to edit them whenever you need. It’ll all work together in a very streamlined manner and your workflow will be as good as it can be.

Better scalability

While you may require several gigabytes of storage space for certain types of videos, your other projects may not need a lot of storage. When you’re working with a web-based video editing tool connected to cloud storage, you get access to all the space you need, whenever you need it. And it’s all on pay-and-use basis; hence you don’t pay a dime when you’re not using the service. So, the next time you get a project which requires storage of extremely large video files, you won’t have much to worry about.

Improved collaboration

Another key benefit of using a web-based or cloud based video editing service is that you can have your entire team join in and contribute to the editing process. There’ll be no sending and/or receiving of huge files. All your team members would need to do is log onto a common platform and see the changes happening in real time. This is something very difficult to accomplish in desktop applications.

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Ease of use

Using a web-based video editing software does away with any unwanted hassles. You can easily integrate your preferred web-based editor with the online video platform you use. Such integration would contribute to the innovativeness and productivity of your company.

Cost reduction

Storing high-volume videos and data on local systems can prove to be a very expensive affair, especially if you’re already invested into high-tech computer systems. An efficient web-based video editing software can be a blessing in such a scenario. You can easily backup all your important files without the need of any local storage – all for a nominal fee, paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.