Latest cover of ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ is out… and it is spookier than ever!

The highly awaited Batman crossover comic Dark Nights: Metal is almost upon us, and the excitement soared to greater heights when a new and more freakish poster was unveiled lately. Designed by Andy Kubert and John Romita, the latest poster shows Batman and Wonder Woman supposedly under threat by the humongous and abhorrent beast ‘Swamp Thing’, which gets its most horrific look till date. Though it’s a well known fact that this crossover will be the most badass in the history of Batman, this terrifying cover of the same gives a small insight into the dark, pernicious world against whose backdrop the latest comic series is set. Quite evidently, Batman and Wonder Woman have to bite way more than they can chew! The first issue, Dark Nights: Metal #1, is due for a 16 August 2017 release.