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‘The Flash’ season four: What we can expect

Just when things seemed all fine and dandy after defeating the God of speed Savitar, the speedforce ruined Barry Allan’s moment with Iris West as the former had to depart to the parallel universe.

Now, months later, The Flash returns – for the fourth bite of the cherry.

Newer challenges lie in wait as newer supervillains are lurking around Central City, waiting to rear their ugly heads. And of course, the impending wedding of Barry and Iris is what the fans are keenly looking forward to as well.

Whilst the third season witnessed a minor slump from its usual standards (and also in viewership), the trailers for the upcoming installment of The Flash seem promising enough to restore the franchise back to its dizzy heights.

Here’s what we’d love to see from the fourth season. And also, what we’d detest.

No more speedsters, please!

(From left to right) Reverse Flash, Zoom and Savitar

Let’s just call a spade a spade. We don’t want to see another speedster villain (or even hero) slaloming through Central City. We’ve had enough.

Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Jay Garrick (Flash from Earth-2), The Rival, Savitar, Jesse “Quick” Wells, and Kid Flash – all exhibited the instrumental commonality with the Flash himself – supernatural speed.

Barring Kid Flash, who’s become a central figure of the show now, the rest have either been killed or left rooting in a different universe. And for heaven’s sake, there be no another twinkle-toed crusader/criminal in the fourth season.

This “more the Flash-alikes, more the fun” ideology certainly went haywire by the time the third season commenced, and hopefully the makers don’t tread the same rake this time around.

Barry and Iris tying the knot

Although it goes without saying that our lead pair will surely walk down the aisle in the new season, the question that lingers is – when?

According to the trailers, as Barry returns from the speedforce, he isn’t at his optimal fitness and recuperates in the hospital. Meanwhile, the rest of the team Flash would have their hands full with the freakish, blood-thirsty metahumans wreaking havoc in the city.

Amid all the madness and mayhem, a happy marriage talking place seems highly unlikely. Moreover once Barry returns to the pink of health, the superhero mantle falls back on his shoulders.

Childhood sweethearts, Barry and Iris went through the ninth circle of hell last season as the evil shadow of Savitar loomed large. The courtship could only be seen strengthening post the traumatic events. Now all that’s left is to tie the knot.

But it seems we’ll have to wait a long time into the new season to witness the ceremony.

Treacherous time-travels

Ever since Barry realised his ability to travel back in time (and ahead), we’ve seen him going back and forth by the drop of a hat. It was as if the solution to his every problem could be found after a run into the past (in Savitar’s case – the future) and subsequently alter the course of the timeline.

Now, we’ve reached the end of our tether. Too many time-travels spoil the fun. Can’t we just have a story without anyone having to move between different points in time?

Hopefully, the fourth season will.

A better version of Harrison Wells

Harrison Wells of Earth-19

The Harrison Wells of third season was perhaps the dumbest we’ve seen thus far. Brought in from earth-19 to cement the void left by Wells from earth-two, this particular Wells was arguably the least appealing.

Actor Tom Cavanagh himself looked like a fish out of water, trying to portray a drumstick-fiddling playboy-ish character that didn’t suit him from the off. But now that he’s gone, the door’s ajar for a new Wells. And that would most likely be the one from earth-two.

Harrison Wells of Earth-2

Whilst we all loved watching Wells in the first season, the one from earth-two wasn’t half-shabby either. Only barring the notoriety of his deceased doppelganger, this Wells oozed just as much menace but with his heart at the right place.

Just get him back into the team already!

Caitlin Snow just being Caitlin Snow

How can someone as innocent and adorable as Caitlin possibly be a blood-thirsty, ice-flakes firing Killer Frost? The Snow that worked as a biologist with Team Flash was infinitely more endearing to watch than her villainous alter-ego that we so frequently saw in the previous season.

Now currently on a soul-searching journey, Danielle Panabaker’s character is sure to return to the fore one way or the other, but we hope that when it does, she returns as the Caitlin Snow of old.

Cue the forgetful Killer Frost.

Based on DC Comics, The Flash season four premieres on The CW on 9 October 2017.