Holy Cow CEO Vivek Goel on what’s brewing in new editions of ‘Age of Immortals’ and ‘Caster’

Holy Cow Entertainment CEO Vivek Goel
The passion for giving out more and more to the comic industry has what kept Holy Cow Entertainment CEO Vivek Goel going. Having given the fans some memorable tales in the form of Ravanayan, Shaitaan, Kaamotsav and the cult series Aghori, Holy Cow prepares to launch the new editions of Age of Immortals and Caster. In an interview with AnimationXpress, Goel shares some more information and insights into the new releases. Could you give us the synopsis of third issue of Age of Immortals? The witch queen is born and Krona is sent on his own journey to find answers to old questions. But far in the forests of Karbi Anglong, a sleeping sickness is spreading at an alarming rate across the state. Shadowy organisations are on the move as Ashwin struggles to hold the fraying strands of his world together. At the root of it all, is Vira, fighting to stay awake, fighting for his son. But so great is the weight of his actions that even he must sink at last. Will Vira drown in the consequences of his actions or is there hope yet in this darkest of hours? What can the readers expect from the latest issue? The volume one of AOI is going to wrap up, but will leave a very legit cliffhanger for volume two. Vira has come to realise the reason behind the sleep plague and with the growing darkness inside him, he knows that Kali has finally found a vessel. It’s as if the shit has finally hit the fan and he along with that mysterious old man and the underworld goddess are now hanging on the end of the rope. In Holy Cow universe, heroes do not always save the universe. We will have some realistic casualties. The second issue was a dark one, with soul-eaters, sleeping sickness disease, a child thrust into a dangerous path, all of this painting a murky picture. Will the new issue be just as sinister? Or even more? What can the readers expect? It’s going to be much, much more sinister. We are literally standing on the tip of Armageddon. Who are to be credited for the latest issue? Ram V for the writing; Saumin for the biggest section of the third edition; Gaurav and Prasad Patnaik for the smaller end. However, I will personally be taking over the art duties from Gaurav for the fourth edition of AOI, the last of the first volume. It is the climax and when I read the script it literally felt like my time has come again to play a major role in the Aghori series. When will it release? We’ll release it at the Hyderabad Comic Con on 12 October 2017. Whats’ new in the third issue of Caster? Danny Matthew’s dark night of the soul continues in Caster issue two, as he discovers his amazing new powers and tries to protect his soul from a demonic enemy straight from the pits of hell. What’s next for the Raja of Paharganj? His ride has just been started. He still cannot comprehend what has happened to his life in issue one in a single day. A word said accidentally has literally transformed him into something else entirely and the best part is – he can now fly. But what he does not realise is that the worst times are just around the corner and he is going to do something which will take him into the second step of evolution. I cannot say much but this issue and the next one are literally a bliss for the people who love character establishment because that’s what is going happen in issue two and three and then all hell will finally break loose. Or maybe, heaven! Who are to be credited for the latest issue? The writing is by Anirudh Singh who previously wrote the four-issue Shaitan series for us, while the art team comprises of Gaurav Shrivastav and Prasad Patnaik. When will it release? We’ll release it at the Hyderabad Comic Con on 12 October 2017.