VFX Telltale calls for ‘majority studio closure’: 225 employees fate unknown -

Telltale calls for ‘majority studio closure’: 225 employees fate unknown

The adventure video game developer, Telltale Games,   will dismiss most of its staff and effectively closing the studio mostly. From 225 only 25 employees will be there and rest has been laid off.

The studio received lot of applause for their successful works, after The Walking Dead and others like The Wolf Among Us , Telltale underwent through hard times. Last November, the company laid off 90 people from their workforce for the revamp purpose. This was an attempt to control the studio’s workload, but this apparently was not enough.

 Thinking of the gaming community during earlier lay off the studio promised to release their final series of the walking dead along with a second series of The Wolf Among Us inspired from Stranger Things. But, after seizing 225 employees it is difficult to say whether any of the plans will come in completion or not.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Telltale co-founder and former CEO Kevin Bruner, who is suing the company over breach of contract, confirmed the news on in an official blog post. The “majority studio closure” was made public by Telltale CEO Pete Hawley via the company’s Twitter account.

The closure of the studio has broken hearts of gaming enthusiasts.

Additionally, the company’s employees were unable to handle work overload reportedly, and thus, subjected to mismanagement in work culture. Studio layoffs are always unfortunate, but it may not be too much surprise for them who have been eyeing the company’s unhealthy business practices and dated graphics engine.

Although we believe that even after this unfortunate chaotic scenario, if the final episodes of The Walking Dead released at all, then it will be counted as an esteemed farewell for the company.