TeamSid’s VR title ‘Biohazard Zones’ initiates its Indiegogo pitch

‘Biohazard Zones’ is a VR exclusive game where the player is given the chance to step into a variety of personalities at each scenario during apocalypse caused by Bio-War that takes place in the year 2020. The story of the game opens somewhere in Afghanistan where leaders from various terrorist organisations meet to plan Bio-War. The story then eventually takes you to experience the results of the war in China, Japan, US, UK, Germany, India and Africa. A narrative gameplay with interactive cutscenes and action combats in first person perspective promises to give the players a thrilling experience overall. With story mode and multiplayer mode in place, the first person shooter will be running on PC VR systems like Oculus, HTC Vive and OSVR and mobile VR would be available on android and iOS. The player would be playing as a different character every chapter- from Afghanistan, London to Hong Kong and Las Vegas. The multiplayer mode will feature an eight vs eight scenario on PC and a four vs four scenario on mobile. Spectator AR is one of the interesting modes of multiplayer as it involves augmented reality. The player gets the opportunity to spectate his friends or other matches using AR on their table using AR mode. Currently the production is under hold after completion of the pre-production stage. The developers plan to resume developement in the month of April, 2018 and are expecting to go through till March, 2019 when the PC VR version is projected to release in the market. The team plans to deliver the mobile VR version of the game by May 2019. A studio member told AnimationXpress, “This is gonna be a complete AAA VR exclusive game made from India completely.” The game is being created by Hyderabad-based indie studio, TeamSid. The indie studio has joined hands with LimipdFrog to drive creative vision and visual styles for the game. The initial prototyping has been completed and the project is initiating its crowd funding pitch on Indiegogo today.