TBS Planet’s ‘Karma’ comic will be available for the readers in Dainik Bhaskar daily

TBS Planet Comics’ Karma comic gets syndicated in the daily Dainik Bhaskar. It is available currently for the readers in Jabalpur and the surrounding regions. TBS Planet Comics was in touch with Dainik Bhaskar for sometime in regards to the syndication, mentioned TBS Planet founder Rajeev Tamhankar.

When asked about choosing Karma for this syndication, Tamhankar said, “Karma is one of the most unique characters from the publication house.”  In comics industry, there is a variety of heroes- some capture the criminals and hand over them to the police – like Nagraj or Superman or Batman and there are others who kill the criminals like Doga or Punisher. Karma lies in between these two extremists and believes that a criminal should be punished only exactly equal to his crime. So if one has stolen something from someone, he will punish that person by stealing something from him/her. This makes the stories intriguing, interesting and unique.

Talking about the collaboration, Tamhankar added, “It is a strong indication of the immense potential that the IP industry holds. And I am extremely happy that a leading national daily is taking this initiative.”

The idea behind this collaboration was to encourage the young readers and promote comic reading. “The kids can collect the comic strips from the newspaper everyday and form their own booklet,” said Tamhankar.

Tamhankar intends to collaborate with other dailies in the future. But as of now, the team’s focus is on their partnership with Dainik Bhaskar which starts today.