VFX 'Supergirl' season three promo: First look of supervillain Bloodsport -

‘Supergirl’ season three promo: First look of supervillain Bloodsport

Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! Wait, look again, it’s his cousin Superigrl!

The girl from Krypton may be no witch, but she has weaved her magic on the viewers no end. And now, she’s returning to the fore for a third outing, in Supergirl season three.

In a promo video released ahead of the latest instalment of the series, Melissa Benoist’s crime-fighting character could be seen aligning herself against a new villain in town, Bloodsport.

Going by the civilian name Robert DuBois, he is an ex-military man who steals military paraphernalias from a base to surreptitiously build a nuclear weapon. As Supergirl and her team sniff the evil machinations of his, they’re back in action as the teaser depicts, trying to thwart his draconian ambitions.

Bloodsport first appeared in Superman Vol.2 in 1987, and the comic version of the character was petrified to see his brother return deeply wounded from the Vietnam War. His emotional vulnerability was then exploited by Lex Luthor, who entices him to go against Superman and kill him with Kryptonian bullets.

If the same story arc is followed in the live-action version of Supergirl, then Bloodsport will definitely be seen ambushing his former base to cloak a nuclear weapon.

Based on DC Comics and created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, Supergirl season 3 will debut on The CW from 9 October 2017.