VFX 'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' takes over 'Dota 2' in number of active players on Steam -

‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ takes over ‘Dota 2’ in number of active players on Steam

With the official release of Dota 2 on Steam in 2013, the numbers in the charts which listed active users and downloads soared in favour of the game. With possibly the largest esports presence and a loyal fanbase, Dota 2 has been enjoying the zenith for a while now.

The tables have however turned now. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has taken over Dota 2 on Steam to become the most played game currently. There are more than one million players playing the game right now. The chart is followed by Dota 2, which was the first game to reach the one million mark on Steam, and then by Valve’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

A lot of players from FPS (first person shooter) games have joined the ranks of PUBG.

At the time of writing this story, 1,027,754 players were playing PUBG, whereas 670,857 players were playing Dota 2.

With the professional teams already getting on with their squads in the game, the playerbase is only expected to grow. With 10 million copies of the game already sold, it is already making waves throughout the gaming community. Given that the game is in early access still, it might be safe to assume that the community will only grow.

PUBG is a multiplayer online battle game where up to 100 players are dropped on an abandoned island by a parachute where they have to search for weapons and equipment to stay safe. The players must eliminate their foes and avoid being killed. The last man/team standing wins the match.