Supari Studios has been nominated at the Digiday Video Awards

Supari Studios’ The Mind Behind, a three-episode documentary series with animation and post production by Post Office Studios is nominated in the Best Brand Film Series category at the Digiday Video Awards. In collaboration with Red Bull Media House, the series delves deep into the minds of some of the most talented artists and athletes – rapper Emiway Bantai, chef Thomas Zacharias from The Bombay Canteen, and off-road racer CS Santosh – and explores how they react to extraordinary situations unique to their profession. Told through a mix of live-action and animation, each episode has a run-time of 8-10 minutes, and offers a never-before-seen peek into the inner workings of the professional at the top of their game. Post Office Studios lead designer and animator for the series Adarsh Panicker said, “Our creative team used a blend of Cel animation and 2D animation to tell these stories, each film, having its own unique art and animation style designed to fit seamlessly into the treatment and tone of the live-action shots.” The episodes focus on a single theme – the way our minds work – and take on a filmmaking treatment most suited to capturing that featured character’s internal journey. This diverse treatment is tied together by one common thread: the fascinating capacity of the human mind to achieve remarkable things. The other nominations include brands such as Ellen Digital Network and VH1.