National Voters’ Day : Animated videos that show why “the ballot is stronger than the bullet”

The world’s biggest democracy, India celebrates the National Voters’ Day today, 25 January every year to commemorate the foundation of the Election Commission of India (ECI). The right to enfranchisement or voting is regarded as one of the fundamental rights of citizens that shapes the nation by choosing the right leader for the country. Voting is not only one’s duty but a power entitled to the people to better the future as a vote equals to one voice. First celebrated on 25 January 2011, National Voters Day is celebrated and observed across the nooks and corners India to make people aware and understand the responsibility and power they have towards their nation. ECI stated in an official release that the organisation completes 70 years today. On this day, we at Animation Xpress look back at few animated clips and videos that clearly portrays the importance of voting as “voting is the most powerful non-violent tool we have” :

Role of Youth in Elections – Election Commission India

Kyon Dein VOTE short animated movie especially for Young Voters

Masti, Dosti, Matdaan – ECI 

Why Voting Is Important? | Election and Voting Explained – Animation Planet Studio

Voting Awareness Animation – Anand Shirsath