Spanish animator creates animated series to make quarantine time fun

The quarantine has become a part and parcel of our lives now, and mankind is adapting to the situation with strength and positivity. What keeps us all occupied during such time is the varied content available on digital media, may it be any medium. Art and crafts, movies, music, short films, and also animated films. 

Spanish artist Alvaro Garcia Gonzalez has created a short animated comedy series based on the ever increasing pandemic, covid-19 for making the quarantine fun for all humans. The project which started a month ago after the isolation reached Spain, was created by Gonzalez for people to be able to follow the world situation though a different point of view.

This is an individual project by Gonzalez, titled V for Virus, Covid 19 The Series where he himself has animated, recorded the audios and edited everything with the devices he has at home. Due to the lockdown, many sound recording equipment are not with him at his place, so he has to manage to do everything with just a few things, and still giving out some great output.

“Each episode speaks about something related to the world situation and the covid-19. They are stand alone episodes, each one with a different message,” said Gonzalez.

He decided to start with eight episodes, but depending on the world situation when this first season comes to an end he will think about creating a second season.

Through comedy and this particular kind of animation, Gonzalez is trying to reach a younger audience. “Creating awareness in the youth is mandatory to recover us all,” he mentioned. The episodes of V for Virus, Covid 19 The Series are available on YouTube

We all hope for this virus to end, bringing human life back to normal, of course with the necessary changes in behaviour. Till then, content like this is here to make you feel better during these gloomy days.