VFX Rockstar to give 'GTA' online players 'GTA' $500,000 as a one-time gift

Rockstar to give ‘GTA’ online players ‘GTA’ $500,000 as a one-time gift

Rockstar has announced that GTA Online players will be getting GTA $500,000 as a one-time gift for this month. Players will just need to login and the cash will be deposited to their Maze Bank account.

All one need to do is login into the game and play. The money will directly come to the Maze Bank account (not immediately, but you will have to wait for at least 7 days since the first time you logged in) for the transaction.

If you protect your account with the two-set authentication, Rockstar is giving away another $500,000 to these players. All you need to do is visit Rockstar Social club, this will not only safeguard your Rockstar account from hackers but can also help you earn some in-game cash with ease.

Earlier GTA Online announced that is getting a new update, titled Gerald’s Last Play. The update brought six new contact missions that focus on Gerald, who is facing resistance from rival gangs. One can play these missions solo or with up to three other friends.

GTA Online is also offering 40 per cent discount on laser weapons including Up-N-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer, and Widowmaker, 40per cent off nightclubs, 3X GTA$ and RP on all business battles, and double rewards on all Special Cargo Sell missions.