Sony head wants ‘Spider-Man’ to be a part of the Marvel Universe

After striking an unprecedented agreement to share the movie rights to the web-slinger in early 2015, Sony and Disney’s partnership hit a snag last summer. But Sony chairman Tom Rothman wants to continue the studio’s deal with Disney and keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Rothman and Disney head Alan Horn participated in a recent THR studio executive roundtable where the Sony-Disney Spider-Man deal was discussed.The duo was asked if the partnership could continue beyond Homecoming 3 and the mystery MCU film Holland is currently contracted to appear in Rothman said, “I hope so. I think this was a classic win-win-win. I think it was a win for Sony. I think it was a win for Disney. And I think it was a win for fans and moviegoers.” Marvel chief creative officer Kevin Feige will return as a producer for the third film in the Spider-Man: Homecoming series, which is scheduled for a 16 July 2021 release, and Spidey will reportedly appear in, at least, one more MCU film. Sony came out the winners in the new Spider-Man/Marvel deal; whereas Disney will receive a quarter of the profits from Homecoming 3 (while covering an equal percentage of the costs).