Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ has over 2000 VFX shots

Snyder cut has been the talk of the town for quite some time with internet mobilising to watch the unseen version of Justice League.

The buzzing fans were treated to an exciting news update recently post the emergence of the trailer of Snyder’s recut version of “Justice League”.

In a conversation with LightCast podcast, his producing partner Deborah Snyder confirmed the running time is just about four hours, while the shooting will elapse for around four minutes of new footage.

Snyder also expounded on how labour-intensive the project was, in part because the larger length of the film has resulted in thousands of visual effects shots required in the space of about six months – which necessitate the project’s $70 million budget:

“If you think about it, about how much extra time that is, and then you think about how visual effects-heavy these superhero films are, we had to do, in six months, 2,650-some-odd visual effects shots.

Normally, when you do these movies, what happens is, as you’re shooting, you start turning over shots. Listen, we had a lot of assets built, but I think the way the theatrical release was done, they changed a lot of things.

Through the process, as we were working on the movie, [there were] some of the things they wanted Zack to change, some of the designs of the characters. So, we went back to the original intention, of Zack’s intention, in terms of the characters and had to rebuild those models. But then there were just so many shots to do.

Visual effects [people] wanted a year to get it done, and [WB] said, ‘We’ll do it, but we want it by the end of March.’ I think it was the beginning of March actually. And we were like, ‘Okay! We’re just going to figure it out!’”

Diving into the additional filming, saying: “we literally shot one scene, like one additional [scene]. I shot three days here. That’s it. That what we captured’.”

The scene is apparently the infamous Knightmare scene teased in “Batman v. Superman” and required the return of Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Amber Heard and Jared Leto. Miller shot his scenes remotely as he was in the UK workng on “Fantastic Beasts” at the time.

Zack Snyder has spilled the beans on his Vero account that he is working on a black and white version of the film he calls the “Justice is Gray” version. A first taste of Junkie XL’s score for the new cut can be heard here.

He also informed to Minutemen that he’s working on a reimagining of the Arthurian legend.