Sinking Ship Entertainment seals international broadcast deals for ‘Annedroids’, ‘Dino Dana’ and more 

The leading and Emmy winning global kids’ media company Sinking Ship Entertainment is expanding the audience for five of its most popular children’s series this year with new and renewed partnerships with broadcasters around the world.

The company has secured new broadcast licenses for four shows created by Sinking Ship founder and executive producer J.J. Johnson including, Annedroids, Chirp, Dino Dana, Endlings, and Odd Squad.

The new and renewed partnerships with international broadcasters includes Annedroids to SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway) and relicensed to Knowledge Kids and TVOKids (Canada).Chirp is relicensed by CBC (Canada), Dino Dana to Coupang (South Korea) and Astro (Malaysia and Brunei) via Bomanbridge, Endlings to SVT (Sweden, season two), Odd Squad to Netflix Canada and a relicense for India and German speaking Europe.

Sinking Ship Entertainment sales head Marilyn Kynaston said, “It’s heartening to see our series resonate with kids around the globe from Canada to Sweden, and Israel to Brunei. We are excited to be working with these market-leading broadcast partners.”

Here’s the official synopsis of the movies:


Annedroids is a CGI/live action children’s sci-fi comedy series follows 11-year old Anne and her newly added friends as they try to keep Anne’s experiments and androids hidden.


Chirp is a preschool animated series based on the Canadian children’s magazine of the same name,the story is about Chirp, Squawk, and Tweet, three birds who use their imaginations to go on adventures together.

Dino Dana

Dino Dana is a live-action science-focused adventure show that follows a nine-year-old girl Dana who loves dinosaurs and spends all of her time learning about them. One day, she gains the ability to imagine dinosaurs into real life.


Endlings is a  live-action and CGI sci-fi series for the kids of age group nine to 12 years. The story is set in a near future, which centers around four foster children who discover they’re not alone following the disappearance of the last elephant on Earth.

Odd Squad

Odd Squad is a live-action math and science comedy show for school-age children. The story follows two young agents, Olive and Otto, who are part of an agency that seeks to save the day using math when odd things happen.