VFX Samsung collaborates with Disney for some clever wallpapers

Samsung collaborates with Disney for some clever wallpapers

After last year’s Disney AR emojis, Samsung has partnered with The House of Mouse again for some exciting licensed content – hole-punch wallpapers for Galaxy S10 and S10e.  

Users have literally created some clever wallpapers that camouflage the camera. Everyone has been creatively trying the fun of hiding the front-facing cameras on the Galaxy S10 series, by making hole-punch wallpapers for easy application and it’s fun seeing all the ways people are taking up to hide the camera cutouts, even fan-made Disney/Pixar wallpapers around.

Now, there are five official wallpapers available for free download on the Galaxy Themes store for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e, featuring Olaf from Frozen; Jack-Jack and Violet from The Incredibles; Flash from Zootopia and our beloved Mickey Mouse.  

Most of Samsung’s official phone themes aren’t free. Generally, users can use them for 14 days before they expire and revert back to the phone’s default theme, unless they pay for it. But Disney has said that these new ones will be free for Galaxy S10 and S10E users. But, there’s a catch! These wallpapers are only for the single-camera models.