Allen Animation Academy inspires and prepares young minds into the field of animation

Animation is a combination of imagination, creativity, thoughts, colours and stories. Our generation has grown up watching all the famous animated characters on screen and have adored them. These characters made our childhood memorable, all thanks to the animators behind the superb animations. Superhouse Education Foundation, based in U.P. is setting up a foundation for the young animators and creators out there. Not only focusing on academics, but also on enhancing other life-skills of each child for their holistic development, the organisation, under the banner of Allen Animation conducts animation classes. With student strength of more than 1500 across 14 schools, the foundation comprising self-branded Allenhouse Public Schools as well as Delhi Public Schools, a team of three dedicated members, alongwith 30 faculty members manage the courses. Started in year 2015 with total number of 800 students, today the academy boasts of 1800+ students. “We firmly believe excitement at work level leads to miracles, the excitement amongst the student is so high that they actually bring their imagination into reality,” said Superhouse Education Foundation project manager-animation Naman Agarwal. Students from a very early stage are imparted basic training in animation related software and are also familiarised with upcoming trends in animation. Key Programs include graphics designing (vector art and raster art), digital painting, VFX, motion graphics, A.V. editing, compositing and introduction to 3D. Each class has different course, considering their education intake, which includes basics of design using shapes and tool to create simple designs from shapes, caricature, Simple logo for class two and what they try imaging with little complex design in class three. Class four is taught to create sketch, cartoonish effect and basic digital painting, while class fifth and sixth learns complex designs with banner, logos, brochure and cards design and colour correction, photo re-touch up for photo-shoot and magazine, creating posters. Class seven gets to learn techniques of VFX, motion graphics, green screen and composition with class eight students about concepts of designing in 3d environment with help of architectural designs. “We have also initiated district or state level school’s competition ‘GAVFX: Animated Dreams’ so that students can showcase their talent and skills,” added Agarwal. Agrawal believes that the students of Allen Animation Academy are all set to make their space in gaming, movies, VFX, graphics industry and create a difference and if started at an early age, it will give enough time for the child to learn, unlearn and explore it to the optimum.