VFX Russian animation delegation attends Indian film market Film Bazaar in Goa -

Russian animation delegation attends Indian film market Film Bazaar in Goa

For the very first time, the Russian animation and film industry has decided to have a comprehensive participation under the Russian Content Worldwide (RCW) brand in South Asia’s biggest content market, Film Bazaar which is being held in Goa from 21 to 24 November. This market is returning to an offline format for the first time in two years. 10 Russian companies are represented at the RCW stand organised by ROSKINO: SMF Animation, RIKI Group, Red Carpet Studio, Animation Studio Platoshka, Central Partnership, Art Pictures Distribution, KION online cinema, Plus Studio, Bubble Studios and GPM Entertainment Television (GPM ETV).

Among the new animation products that are being presented to content buyers from India and other countries in the South Asian region is the full-length cartoon Detective Chirp and the Golden Beehive, a project created on a game engine. Today, leading international companies use game engines in film production, while Russian studios were the first in the world to use these technologies to create full-length animated content. Also the international buyers will see the Russian animated film Dolphin Boy, animated series The Secrets of Honey Hills, I’ll Get You!, The Beadies and the fourth season of the animated series Babyriki.

“The presence of Russian companies at such a significant event in the Asian content market marks a new stage in the development of Russian-Asian relations in the film and animation industry. We are optimistic about the prospects of strengthening business dialog with the Indian film industry, as well as representatives of other Asian countries, and are proud to present a range of projects at Film Bazaar. More than a third of the projects are animated films and series. There is an increase in the audience of children’s channels in India and many other Asian countries—and a corresponding increase in the demand for animated content. Russian animation companies are ready for cooperation and co-production. I also note that last week, from 17 to 20 November, ROSKINO, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, organised the Russian Film Festival in Mumbai. With these two events, we are comprehensively presenting the Russian content industry to both a general and professional audience,” said ROSKINO CEO Inna Shalyto.

SMF Animation, which has had a lot of interest from the Indian market, brought a new feature-length cartoon Detective Chirp and the Golden Beehive. This is the world’s first full-length animated film created entirely on a game engine.

“I’m not afraid to call this movie truly innovative not only for Russia, but for the whole world. The project combines advanced computer technologies, artificial intelligence and the magic of human movement. However, above all, our team wanted to create an exciting, action-packed movie for the whole family. This is a story, on the one hand, about children’s unbridled desire to explore the world and learn from their own mistakes, and on the other hand, about how important it is to give those children the right to make mistakes, while at the same time offering help and support,” said Detective Chirp and the Golden Beehive producer Lika Blank.

SMF Animation is presentingThe Secrets of Honey Hills, I’ll Get You!, The Adventures of Peter and Wolf, and Monsikids. Animation Studio Platoshka, which has recently signed a contract with one of the most advanced animation studios in Asia—Toonz Media Group from India—for the distribution of the animated series The Beadies in Hindi on YouTube channels, is showing it at one Film Bazaar. The Beadies is an educational musical animated series for children under four years old, created with the participation of child psychologists. The company expects to establish business contacts with Indian TV channels and VOD platforms for further cooperation. 

Red Carpet Studio has also entered the Indian market for the first time. At Film Bazaar, the company is presenting the kids’ animation project, Space Doctor Cat. The company is expecting to sell the licensing rights to the main OTT platforms in India and Southeast Asia. RIKI Group is showing international buyers animation projects like The Fixies, Beardy Bodo Travels, Tina and Tony, and Babyriki.

Bubble Studios is showing international buyers a new action comedy Grom: Boyhood (a prequel to Major Grom: The Plague Doctor). The latter is a spectacular action movie about Major Igor Grom based on the original comic book of the same name, which became a hit not only in Russia, but also among the international audience (topping international Netflix in July 2021). The company is also counting on the international success of the new release.

Art Pictures Distribution is betting on a new family film The Adventures of Chuck and Huck, which tells the story of two brothers Chuck and Huck, who live with their mother in Moscow and miss their father, who works far in the North. Determined to meet the upcoming New Year together at any cost, they set off on an exciting journey to the mysterious Blue Mountains. The company notes that the films Attraction and The Calculator were previously sold to India, and deals are currently being finalised for the sci-fi thrillers Reversible Reality, Sputnik and Invasion.

Plus Studio, which is completely new to the Indian market in terms of content sales, is expecting to attract the attention of distributors to content dubbed into English, in particular the fantasy film Aeterna: Part One. The series Unprincipled, a universal story which will appeal to viewers from different countries, is also being presented at Film Bazaar.