VFX Pune Comic Con 2018 delayed indefinitely owing to infrastructure issues -

Pune Comic Con 2018 delayed indefinitely owing to infrastructure issues

A still from Pune Comic Con 2017

The dust may have settled on the Comic Con mania after three months of delirious fanfare and fanaticism, but the city of Pune may have to wait a while to experience it all over again as the organisers have apparently pushed the dates down for indefinite time.

Sighted unavailability of proper venue to host, the Pune Comic Con, which began in only 2016, has been thereby put on the ice for now. Appraising about the reasons to AnimationXpress, Comic Con India founder Jatin Verma said, “Pune Comic Con 2018 edition is unfortunately, indefinitely delayed. We wanted to bring the biggest show to the city, however, infrastructure issues faced by us have made it difficult for us to execute our unique show this year.”

Comic Con India founder Jatin Verma

Commencing as merely an express show in 2016, the maiden edition of full-fledged Comic Con in Pune took place a year later at the Deccan College Ground in Yerawada, Pune, and was received to a thronging audience. Despite the makeshift venue, the event observed as much success as elsewhere in the country, but the circumstances are totally different this time around.

Until the issue of a solid venue is resolved, the program remains hanging by the balance. But an upbeat Verma is inclined to see through the rose-tinted glasses. He says, “We hope to resolve this soon and be back in the city. Pune fans have been awesome and we hope to continue the show in near future.”

The Pune Comic Con 2018 was supposed to happen sometime in February or March.