VFX Pixar's next short Purl will debut at Siggraph 2018

Pixar’s next short, ‘Purl’ to debut at SIGGRAPH 2018

Pixar comes up with another short, Purl from the studio’s experimental short film program. Pixar’s production lead and short film producer David Lally gave the audience a first look at the second film from the program. Purl appears to revolve around a cute ball of yarn.

A tweet from Lally mentioned that the team will share more about the film this August at the upcoming SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver.

“Here’s a first look at Kristen Lester’s ‘PURL’ the second film from Pixar’s new experimental story program!” “How much yarn does it take to yarn-bomb the Luxo Ball? Find out! The team will be sharing more at @siggraph in August! #pixar #animation #SIGGRAPH2018,” tweeted Lally.

Pixar Animation Studio announced the launch of an internal experimental storytelling initiative in 2016. The initiative grants the participating filmmakers total freedom to develop and design their story and produce a short film within six months.

The first film from this program was Smash and Grab, a seven-minute short by Brian Larsen which used comic book sketches, motion capture, and shading and lighting techniques to tell the story.

Directed by Kristen Lester, Purl debuts at this year’s SIGGRAPH in August.