Animated VR experience short, ‘Nothing Happens’ wins the Anca Award

Animated short, Nothing Happens has won at the 11th Fest Anca International Animation Festival. The short film has two versions, traditional 2D animation and VR experience.
Uri and Michelle Kranot
“The film by Danish duo Uri and Michelle Kranot left a deep impression on us. We were entranced by the atmosphere and hypnotizing pace. The deep experience of something happening is pervasive,” said judging the panel composed of German TV and film consultant Agnès Bizzaro, British filmmaker Peter Millard, and film theoretician Michał Bobrowski. The Anča Award bestowed is a trophy designed by Allt Studio along with 800 euros. The film was presented in both its standard version and as a VR experience during the festival.
Nothing Happens
“In the first version, we see people observing, while in the VR version we are in the very place being observed. The filmmakers play with the viewers: you can watch and be watched,” program director Maroš Brojo commented. Nothing Happens is a haunting, oil-painting inspired animated VR experience. It is a 12-minute short film which targets basically the adults. With director duo Kranots, animators Juliette Viger and Marine Duchet, and VR designer Milan Grajetzki, Nothing Happens will surely give a thrilling experience to the viewers.