Pinkfong Baby Shark goodies now available on metaverse platform ZEPETO

Much loved and immensely popular, kids entertainer Pinkfong Baby Shark opened their collaboration shop on ZEPETO, a metaverse platform with over 200 million lifetime users, consisting 90 per cent of Gen Z users. They have also introduced an interesting competition to get the fans immersed in the world of Baby Shark!

37 virtual items will be available in the shop, including a variety of shark family-themed jumpsuits, casual outfits, and unique, holographic virtual items that ZEPETO users can choose. There will also be two video booths, where users will be able to dance along with the HipHop Shark choreography released just last month. 

SmartStudy, the global entertainment company behind the beloved children’s brand Pinkfong, Pinkfong’s parent company, will be hosting a UGC (User-Generated Content) competition. The platform’s users can participate by posting a video of their avatar dancing in the Pinkfong Baby Shark video booth, dressed in Pinkfong the collection. 

The winners of this competition will be in the ZEPETO x Pinkfong Baby Shark music video. SmartStudy shared their excitement about the partnership with ZEPETO, which will showcase their most popular IP in new and immersive technology, as well as opportunities to connect with Generation Z in the metaverse.

“Pinkfong Baby Shark is here. Use the cute Baby Shark items and booths to make your content. Your content can be featured in ZEPETO x Baby Shark’s MV on Youtube,” ZEPETO said in a tweet.

It is the largest avatar company based in Asia and the fastest growing avatar company in the world.

The adorable mushy shark continues to spread joy worldwide. Recently, Pinkfong also became the world’s first kids brand to receive the ‘YouTube Custom Creator Award’ for surpassing 50 million subscribers. 

As the award attributes each channel’s unique characteristics, Pinkfong’s Custom Creator Award features a yellow shark’s fin in the blue ocean, inspired by Pinkfong’s flagship brand, Baby Shark.